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Winner is....

8 people guessed correctly.... DBOSTER is the winner... congratulations. I would like to thank all those who played. Honorable mentions to those who guessed correctly: Mindset.... Search... GSA.... Jack... tomt... walt... cook... I didn't give full names, just in case there might be a privacy issue. Thank you for making this fun. Mike.

No good deed goes unpunished...

try to make this a little fun and this is what I get... You know... This forum can be a little stuffy at times but it is fun too. I "TRY" to add a little humor every now and then, and usually fail in the process, but at least I try. I also try to add a little excitement from time to time too. When NGC does not have their trivia contest, I like to do one myself. I get great responses from many collectors (usually) and I have a great time doing it. Well last week, I posted a question about

Another of my useless trivia questions.

I think this one will be tough!! Put on your thinking caps!! WIN WIN TWO TWO COINS COINS!! Ok. There is (again) no trivia question from NGC, so I will post one from MGC (Mike's Goofy Coins). What is the "name" of this coin?? Listed in "Coin Collectors' Handbook" ? 1971, page 41. Hint: "supposedly" designed from Revolutionary soldier's buttons. Winner will be picked at random from emails received through this site (only) with the correct answer. Winner will receive not only the 1961

Trivia Answer...

Bridgeport, Connecticut Centennial Nobody ventured a guess in my trivia contest. I was thinking the prize might not have been worth the effort, but then I think any coin that is free is a good coin... and this was really nice too..oh well. Then I thought maybe the question was too hard, then I thought I am a real insufficiently_thoughtful_person and if I can think of the question ANYBODY could come up with the answer, so that wasn't the case... So... there is not a shortage of coins, cause I

No trivia contest.. so it is up to me!!

P.T. Barnum was no sucker......so if he had lived long enough, he would have,certainly, had a sense of irony... That coins bearing his likeness were selling for upwards of 2 bucks EACH!!! Official US Mint coins!! What did this coin commemerate (besides Barnum) and when was it issued? Winner will be picked at random from all correct emails. Winner to receive a very nice 1961 Proof Jefferson Nickel (raw). Be a sport and don't google this. Man!! I take all the fun out of it.. :-) Have f

Crossover grades can be...

HARSH!!!! I am soon expecting the return of my latest submission. I get coins in all kinds of holders, and when that occurs, it is because I liked the coin...not the holder. But I want my better coins in NGC holders so I cross them over. It almost seems like NGC penalizes us for having had our coin in another company holder. It seems like the attitude is...:that'll teach you for having it graded by ____ first!" and the coin gets knocked down a gade or three. Now granted, not all TPG's are

I just feel like complaining...

....But... I won't. I just had a hankering to gripe about a small problem over at NGC, but I decided not to. If a small problem at NGC is the only thing I have to complain about, then I am indeed truly blessed in a wonderful land and country. No, instead of complaining about a stupid little thing, we all need to take stock of what we have in our great country. We truly have the greatest country on Earth. It is not the government that makes us great, but it is YOU, John and Jane Doe. The

I wonder what's up ?

They cannot even get IN to receiving... Last week I sent in my latest submission to NGC. According to the USPS, delivery confirmed monday morning. It is now late afternoon wednesday, and nothing showing in NGC's system. I called and was told they have not finished mondays mail yet. I just didn't think it was that difficult to open a box, verify contents and put information into the computer. If it takes three plus days just to open the box, how long will it actually take to get the coins gra

I fell off the wagon...

More coins to NGC for grading... We REALLY need a 12 step program here. Well... after watching my position rank fall 10 spots in one day... now down to 585, I decided to boost my score a bit and sent off 11 coins under the cross-over tier. 6 of the 11 are MS, as I think they will fare better in points than the proofs, as all of the coins are modern. Modern proofs have to reach that ultimate grade in order to receive points worth mentioning, whereas MS modern coins will fare better point-wise

ICG & Anacs

My nickels worth. Used to be two cents worth, but with the price of gas nowadays, it costs more just to give your opinion. I have mixed feelings about adding other TPG's to the registry. I completely agree with Bammer on allowing Anacs and ICG into the Signature Series. Bammer's argument and logic was well formed. Many oppose the addition of other TPG's for two main reasons. One being a lack of census and second being consistancy in grading. Census could be easily cured by both Anacs and IC

Is it cleaned? Only your hairdresser knows for sure...

Maybe we could learn ourselves... Nothing is worse than buying a coin online only to find out that it has been cleaned, and at that point, there is almost nothing you can do about it. So... what can be done you ask? (You DID ask, right?) Learn to tell yourself, wether a coin has been cleaned or not. There are a number of books on the market that go into great detail about coins that have been cleaned. Buy or borrow a book or three and learn for yourself about cleaned coins. With knowle


I got one!!! One WHAT you may ask... well, I'll tell you... A Washington "Smoothie". I have been watching these on the auctions and from the dealers. They certainly seem to be the coin to get. The only problem is the actual "getting". Last week, at my local coin shop, they had one, raw, for $130. I fussed and fretted. Tried to talk him down, thought some more and about 30 minutes later, when I finally decided to not be so darned cheap... IT WAS GONE!!! I couldn't believe it!! Been that

P.T. Barnum said it....

Send me three bucks, I'll send you ONE. OK, he didn't say that exactly, but he said there is a sucker born every minute... and many of them are coin collectors. Here's why. This last week we saw the release of the new John Adams dollar. The US Mint will be glad to sell you these dollars for a nice fat premium. A roll which contains 25 of the new shiny dollars can be yours for only $35.95 plus shipping and handling. http://catalog.usmint.gov/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catal

And the winner is....

ME! I can't win my own contest... besides, I probably have the wrong answer. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, we had a Secretary of the Treasury named William Windom. His great grandson, who was also his namesake, became a noted and well respected actor. William Windom (the actor) played Commadore Matt Decker in the original Star Trek. William Windom the politico is portrayed on the Series 1891 $2 Silver Certificate. Congrats to Clay, who is the winner of my trivia contest. Thank

In the absence of our trivia question from PMG...

I will, once again post a trivia question. Somebody needs to talk to the powers that be... we really want that free stuff...er... we really want to have interesting trivia! This question combines my two favorite areas, Star Trek and coins. The actor who portrayed Star Trek's Commodore Matt Decker had a great-grandfather that became Secretary of the Treasury and was subsequently portrayed on US currency. Who was that Secretary of the Treasury and what bill did he appear on? Winner will be se

The Grand Prize Winner....

... of an all expense paid trip (for your new Quarter) is..... Ramoglia... (fanfare playing). Yes, Ramoglia was the first to answer my trivia question correctly. Actually, everybody who answered, did so correctly. The answer was Aaron White. If I were not so darned cheap, I would send everybody a prize, but alas, I am cheap, so only one prize goes out. My next trivia question will have to be harder. I couldn't believe that everybody who answered was right!! I will go into a deep meditativ

We seem to be missing...

Our Coin Trivia question for the week.... So... I shall post one myself. First person with the correct answer will win the pictured BU Tennessee Quarter (P). Drum roll please.... OK... the sixty-four THOUSAND dollar question...oh alright... the Twenty-five CENT question is... More drum roll please.... Which noted Connecticut attorney hated paper money to the point that he issued his own token with the inscription "Never Keep A Paper Dollar In Your Pocket Till Tomorrow" ? Email your

Status v. static

Keeping one's place in the registry... Dear Journal, I have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a position within our registry. I currently have a little over 51,000 points. A couple of weeks ago I was placed at number 550 with 50,000 points then all of a sudden, within a couple of days, I was down to 560, a drop of ten spots, so I put in a few coins to reach my current 51k and back into spot 550. Today, I am even lower than I was last week... down to spot 561.

Die Varieties - A Whole New World

...and what a wonderful world it is!! I dont know exactly what possessed me to buy the new Cherrypickers Guide a couple of months ago. After I bought it, I set it up on the shelf with my other numismatic tomes to collect dust. A couple of weeks ago, out of sheer boredome and lack of anything to do, and no money to spend (on coins anyway...darn kids wanted to eat that week) I decided to start reading my Cherrypickers Guide. WOW!!! What a rush !! After reading for a bit, I decided to start e

Yes... Buy the COIN.....

SELL the holder!!! How many times have you been on the bourse floor and spied a coin that looked totally AWESOME... only to discover that it resided in a holder from NTC or MCCS or any of the "lesser" TPG slabs?? I would venture to say that has happened to most all of us. A great looking coin but in the wrong slab, so you let it slip through your fingers. Literally!! Why not buy that gem for a fraction and put it in a REAL slab?? I have done this. Dealers will give you a substantial break

I found a very nice die variety

FS-25-1962-101 in my '62 Proof Set Not too long ago I coughed up 40 bucks to buy the new Cherrypickers Guide V.2. This in itself is a minor miracle, as I am the first to admit, I am a real cheapskate. I have always been interested in die varieties, so I figured I would need to actually buy the book, as opposed to borrowing it permanantly from the library. This way I wouldn't have a guilty complex everytime I studied my coins..anyway, to the point. I got out my proof sets, starting with 1962

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

Do we really trust fish??

Thats what it says on my merc !! The other night I was going through a bunch of my raw coins, looking for varieties, when I came across this merc. I had to look again, as part of the "G" is missing. Looks to me like we are paying homage to fish... "In Cod We Trust"... all others pay CASH !! DSC03153.J

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

Welcome to the Stuffy Shirt Collector's Society

If your nose is stuck way up in the air, you can join. Just dont complain (oops, have to use proper english in the SSCS).. Please refrain from post...wait wait... I can't take that ap-cray either. (pig-latin). Journal entries will be whatever the commentator decides to post. Who are you, or for that matter who am I, to decide what is a legitimate post. Personally, as a PAID member of this seemingly stuffy society, as long as there are no "personal" attacks and no outright swear words (vulgarit

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

Why pay a premium for regular coins?

The mint charges "A MINT" for rolls of the new dollars... Not to mention all the other coins they sell direct. When you purchase coins direct from the mint, you are getting the same business strikes everybody else is going to get, only you get them first, and at a much higher price. I was not too interested in getting a "First Day" holder or any of that other hoop-ala. I just wanted some nice coins, without breaking MY bank. Today I went to my local bank and bought a roll of the denver dol

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

Record time... but mixed results!!

1 upgrade, 1 even, 8 down.... but hey... They are all in NGC slabs now. I recently sent in 10 coins that had already been blabbed by ICG. They are all very nice coins. The only problem for me was that they were in the wrong slab. BTW, I bought them in ICG slabs. Nine of the coins were graded by ICG as MS/PF70 and one was MS69. As mentioned in an earlier post, these were processed in record time and I very much appreciate that level of service. Here are the results. 2001W ASE ICG PF70 NGC

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration