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Die Varieties - A Whole New World

Admiral Mike-migration


...and what a wonderful world it is!!

I dont know exactly what possessed me to buy the new Cherrypickers Guide a couple of months ago. After I bought it, I set it up on the shelf with my other numismatic tomes to collect dust. A couple of weeks ago, out of sheer boredome and lack of anything to do, and no money to spend (on coins anyway...darn kids wanted to eat that week) I decided to start reading my Cherrypickers Guide.

WOW!!! What a rush !! After reading for a bit, I decided to start examining some of my coins. Let me tell you, my friend, thars treasure tu b found!! I think I shall be able to spend several months going through my stock and Lord only knows what I'll find. I have already found a couple of dozen different varieties from cents to dollars. It is sooo much fun to actually find something listed in the book. When I make a find that is not in the book, I go to the web and find other resources that will have it listed. I am having just waaay too much fun with VARIETIES !!

When I bought my CP Guide, I also bought a 1921 Peace Dollar, AU58 (needs to be slabbed)... this was a variety I found on my little gem. DDO in "TRUST" very nice doubling!!

P.S. As I am new to this area of collecting, it was broughht to my attention this coin is "Strike Doubled" and not the more sought after Doubled Die. Still exciting for the novice to find ANYTHING!! knowwhatimean??




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