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  2. Yep. I'm seeing that, too. A split in the plating definitely means you have the common zinc version of the coin.
  3. u werent born in that period so moot point, u r a member of the boomer generation.....
  4. Brand new here with a few questions about submitting coins so I appreciate the help. Background - I'm getting back into coin collecting and just bought 73 coins via auction and should receive them in the next few days. It looks like the seller is a long-time collector who acquired most of these coins before the coin grading industry started. 5 of the 73 coins have an NGC or PCGS holder so I don't plan to submit these. 9 others have a PCI, NNC or ICG holder and I will submit these with the Consent to Remove form. This leaves 59 coins that have never been graded. Date range is 1797-1915. Of the 68 to be graded, 42 are gold & 26 are silver - mostly gold eagles and capped bust half dollars. NGC grading tier breakdown based on my FMV estimates is 3 UVWT, 7 WT, 23 EX, 17 EB/S, 10 Spec Gold and 8 Gold. Questions: 1. Would a gold coin with a FMV of $5,000 be in the NCS Gold or Standard tier? In a NGC Gold tier or Express? I assume NGC Express and NCS Standard. 2. Should I send in 3 boxes - 1 each for Walthrough/UVWT, Express and Regular? I may need another if I use NCS. 3. Once I receive the coins, I'll make a final call on which to send to NCS first. Looks like I have 18 coins eligible for the NCS Gold tier which seems like a good deal at $30. I definitely like the idea of NCS checking the coins that may need help but that 4% fee if they conserve them is tough. For example, there is a 1798 draped bust dollar previously graded MS60 by NNC (pic attached). It's is great shape except it's pretty dark. I don't know if it's worth $6,500 or $30,000 so I don't even know what the NCS fee would be but if cleaning it up helped the grade/marketability, it may be worth it. Any general thoughts on deciding whether or not to use NCS? 4. None of the add-ons really appealed to me. I plan to generally hold on to these coins so a regular holder seems fine but maybe I'm missing something? Sorry for the long post but thanks for the help and I'm pumped to be collecting coins again! - Chris
  5. That's a nice one, Hog!! Glad you could cross something you wanted for a long time off of your list. That's always a good feeling. I remember when I got my one and only Faustina Egyptian Tetradrachm....that was a big one for me. Thanks for sharing that!
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  7. Both Victoria and George V have some gorgeous coins. I've always liked the Gothic Florin of Victoria myself.....that's a damned handsome coin, IMHO.
  8. I just got these 3 colourful 25 centavos from Mexico. All Top Pops, rare, and good looking:
  9. Thanks Mohawk, I’ve gotten some great deals in just a few weeks of British coins, the 1937 and the 1944 are really special, beautiful coins. I will most likely buy more. I’m looking at Victoria and George V now.
  10. At least you're not the guy who keeps making shark jokes in different threads, as I am, and at least your silliness is inspiring!!! But in all seriousness though, you really do seem to be inspiring some people to jump into the Journal pool William....and that's pretty cool to see.
  11. Hello and Welcome VE Coins!! You've found a very cool area to focus in on with your collecting. There are a lot of us here who work within a specific niche, myself included. And I can completely understand being inspired by Revenant.....he doesn't keep winning those Journal awards for nothing, that's for sure!!! His Journal is great. Another good one to check out is coinsandmedals.....his Journal is also fantastic. I look forward to seeing where your collecting journey takes you and I wish you much luck, success and enjoyment during your journey!
  12. Congrats on the new listings, Karen!!! That is awesome that you made some new discoveries. You may only have three new listings but that's three more than I have
  13. Nice pickups, Bill. I do like British coins quite a bit. I find them far more appealing than any American coins and they're a great area to get into....they have a lot to offer. Thanks for sharing those with us.
  14. Lovely addition. Would you happen to know if this holder is embedded with a computer chip enabling Near-Field Technology?
  15. Hey....we've all done things like that. It happens. I'm sorry to hear that, but hey, at least you still have some very nice coins which is a good thing.
  16. Oh don't think I don't get tempted. I recently found out that an Annia Faustina Egyptian Tetradrachm may be a somewhat affordable way to add her to my subset of Faustina's family members and descendants who appeared on coins within my collection.....which got me looking at Egyptian Tetradrachms of almost anyone you can imagine!!! I had to slap myself in the head and tell myself to keep my eyes on the damned prize
  17. I will assume you are aware that all the so-called "re-strikes" (the French refer to as "re-distributed," covering the years 1907 to 1914, were minted in 1921 and again during the 1950's and 1960's. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Incidentally, everything you've written above is as true today as it ever was.
  18. Hey Tom, thanks for the extra website!! and no worries about your knowledge, what you're into is what you're into! I'm kinda starting to wish I was only interested in one subset of the ancient world like you, unfortunately I love it all!
  19. Hey Andrew, You can send some pics to me with weights, too, and I can flail about with them and Wildwinds, Aorta and OCRE as I get a chance and see what I can do, in my own rank amateurish way with these, if you want. Just shoot them to me in an email, if you want. ~Tom
  20. @JKK would you be willing to help me with this? I can send pictures of all the coins and front and back and their weight, but as for diameter I can't measure anything until I'm able to get a caliper Mohawk told me about unfortunately, and while I'm on the topic of help, if the diameter is the most important part and we can't do much until measurement, instead of the Constantinian coins could we work together on some other ancient coins I have, non roman? No worries if not! I understand people have their own stuff going on so if not I totally understand
  21. That's true, but the option to me is unappealing. If you were born between 1928 and 1945, you are a member of the "Post-War Cohort," otherwise known as the Silent Generation comprised of Radio Babies and Traditionalists. So what'll it be, Great Zadok?
  22. I don’t know about very recent years, but for MANY years around the turn of the millennium, bulk sales of 20Fr roosters were extremely common. All the biggest mail order firms had them in their monthly catalogs nearly every month, along with several other 20 whatever’s from various European countries. But the Swiss and French were the most ubiquitous. Several firms under the Kirk Kelly Rare Coins of Greenville, SC umbrella come to mind.
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