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I just feel like complaining...

Admiral Mike-migration


....But... I won't.

I just had a hankering to gripe about a small problem over at NGC, but I decided not to. If a small problem at NGC is the only thing I have to complain about, then I am indeed truly blessed in a wonderful land and country.

No, instead of complaining about a stupid little thing, we all need to take stock of what we have in our great country. We truly have the greatest country on Earth. It is not the government that makes us great, but it is YOU, John and Jane Doe. The people that go out everyday to earn a righteous living. It is the people that protect our freedoms.. the police, the firefighters, the civil servants, the teachers, the truck drivers and the awesome men and women who wear the uniform of the United States.

It is because of this great nation, the people who have lived her dreams and served her, we have the opportunity to share that history through the minting of coins. What a wonderful legacy of people, places and events to share and to pass down to future generations.

On this, the 231st. anniversary of our country, One Nation..Under God. Let us all pray for another 231 years (plus). God bless America (please).


Michael Cooper

p.s. This coin is from our Bi-Centennial year 1976. One of my silver Ike's. This is in my Ike Proof set currently ranked number 7.




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