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Is the grass greener....

When (if) you get to the other side?? I was going to ramble on about the member of this society who was recently suspended, and the several people who promote his coin trading sight, and that I was a founding member of that sight, only to leave because the founder is the "King of Censor" (in my humble opinion), but haven't we all had enough of that?? So... I wont say any of that... (snicker) I got back my latest submission from NGC and I had TWO bodybags...aarrggh... both were quarters from

Re: Questions

Respectfully, I disagree.... Personally, I never visit the chat boards. Like any other chat room, they tend to be full of clutter and mindless prattle and very seldom have anything to do with coins. Most all of the collectors will visit this home page, so the chances are somebody, somebody who doesnt mind answering questions, will see it and respond. This is like a phone call, you dont HAVE to answer... you dont even have to read the post. There are many collectors who enjoy sharing the

Ahhh Man!!!! I gotta respond

and hope I dont offend somebody. For a second, I thought I was in a time warp and had been sent back to tradingslabs.com. What is the purpose of this sight?? To share stories of coin collecting, insights, experiences, wishes, dreams of adding coins to our dream collections, history, ect. A journal does not have to be matter-of-fact data that will bore the "heck" (for you ron) outta the reader, rather it should be fun, fascinating and stimulate our passion for the coin and hobby. I have

Isn't it funny...???

That a coin graded by NGC as Proof 68 is considered too lowly to sell. I just find it amazing that in todays world of slabbed coins that a modern coin that grades as MS/PF68 would be considered an inferior grade and thus not worth trying to sell on the open market. Even checking Numismedia Values, most of the modern coins in MS/PF69 are at very low prices. It is only when the modern coin achieves the ultimate grade of MS/PF70 that the coins value increases, and then exponentially and there ar

I know the reason!!!

Would you believe... Yes, my friends, I know the reason for the extra long turn around times at NGC. We have been told they grade about 100,000 coins per month. I was wondering.."Are there really that many coins to grade each month?" I looked to Ebay for answers. I ask you to do the same... At the Ebay home page do a search on NGC Waffle. You'd be surprised how many listings come up. THAT'S the answer... NGC is encapsulating so many waffled coins, they dont have time for the regular paying c


CALL THE MINT, CALL OUT THE NATIONAL GUARD ANTTHE1 has a picture posted of his 1964 Peace Dollar. We all know those are illegal to own if real and illegal period if counterfeit. We need to send the the police en masse to Antthe1's home and take everything in the house, under the house and within a mile of the house, just to make certain we have got all the contraband "coins" he may have hidden. This will be the "ir"rational to hit the government should they believe for an instant that the

A lot of thought has gone into your decision....

But... please reconsider. While I direct this response to William, we have all been there and have experienced the pain. Lord knows I have done more than my fair share of complaining about services provided at NGC. Just check my Journal Entries and you'll see I have been a thorn in their side more than once. Not too long ago, I was so fed up with my perceptions of non-service that I decided to have a little fun. I had a contest posted here on the CS board, to guess how long it would take

Ike set complete

Ranked number 6 I finally have completed my Eisenhower Proof Registry Set. All coins in the set are PF69uc. While the set is currently ranked number 6, I will try to upgrade. This will be hard as I will need PF69uc* (Star) or a PF70. Those 70's are pretty spendy items. I wonder if I have any old, rich relatives that could leave me money in their will?? Just a thought. I have attached a link to my Ike's http://www.collectors-society.com/registry/coins/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=167

2 Be or Not 2 Be... proof 70 that is...

the solution is simple... Just call NGC on thier 800 number and explain that you need to have the registry updated... that your coin says one thing and the registry says another. This has happened before... the grade on the coin is correct, the registry is wrong.... just a call and it will be fixed.

This coin is even cooler than my last...

... and older too. 528 years old. This coin is by far (528 years far ago to be exact) my coolest coin. Look at the date !! The second numeral is called a "lazy four" as it is laying on its side. 1478. Fourteen years BEFORE Columbus took his voyage across the pond, the official minters in Belgium minted this "Briquet". Unlike charcoal (spelled differently too), one could make purchases with this handy little piece of official silver coinage. The regular dating of coins didnt occur unti

Winner!! We have a WINNER !!

You have to read the rest of the story to find out... I received the email today, that my coins have been shipped. NGC received my coins back on February 13th, so that is only 30 calandar days and if you take out the weekends make it only 22 "business" days. This is well behind the NGC stated turnaround time of 29 days that was posted when they received my coins. Not wanting to be one that always gives a thorn, because I have grumbled in the past about delays... this time is different. The t

Contest update #4

Oh baby, we are getting close.... Things moved fast this week in the coin grading world. my coins went from "Received" to "Scheduled for grading" to "Quality Control" which means they should ship very soon. The bad news... No more guesses on the date I will receive my email saying the coins are shipped. I will notify the winner as soon as I get that email. I cant wait to get my coins back... like a kid waiting to rip open a package on Christmas morning. Good luck to all who submitted gu

This coin is just tooooo cool....

My oldest dated coin... Hungary 1506. It's older than me!! This beautiful coin is dated 1506 from Hungary. obv: Coat of Arms of Wladislair Vngar, rev: Madonna & Child. Exactly 500 years old. I hope I look this good 500 years from now. Just try to imagine the history this gem could tell us. The hands that have held it, the merchandise and services bought and paid for with it. Issued during the reign of Ulaszlo II, 1 Denar, 14mm, .64gr. silver. Unger 648, CNH 277 for tekkies out there.

Contest Update #3... another update..

Dont be thinking outside the box yet.... Cuz as of this morning they are still in the box. My submission was received by NGC on monday Feb 13. This morning I checked the status of my order. They are "Received". 21 calandar days into thier grading odessey (15 business days) and they have yet to see the light of day, let alone the lamp of a grader. So I am afraid that those who guessed early to mid March in my contest only have two chances of winning... slim (chance) and no (chance). Still not t

Grading Gift Certificates

A copy of the letter I sent to NGC. What do you think? Has NGC (and its affiliated companies) ever thought about prepaid coin grading, or grading gift certificates. With a discount given for multiple purchases, it would be a win win for all concerned. The giver knows the gift will be used and appreciated, the recipient gets 1 more more coins graded for thier collection and NGC gets the money upfront earning interest until the certificate is used. What a deal! In appreciation of this suggesti

Contest Update #2

Only a couple of dozen people have guessed. Two weeks ago today, my latest submission to NGC arrived in sunny Florida for grading and encapsulation. I thought a contest would be fun to guess when I would receive the email telling me my coins are done and on the way home. We have all grumbled a little about the turnaround times. Some grumble to ourselves and a few are a bit more vocal. I have fallen into the latter and this time I wanted to have some fun and share it too. So far though, only

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

Contest Update

Have you guessed yet? I will give a short contest update every week. Coins in question are still in the mail room as "Received". Still not too late to try and win. See my post of 2/13/06 for details. Respectfully. Michael Cooper

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

By any other name...

a 70 is STILL a 70 Sometimes even one of the "Other" TPG's will get it right. This coin, graded by ICG as Proof 70 Dcam Cert # 5402670122. Personally, I think it is the nicest ASE I have ever laid eyes on, so I bought it. Someday it shall be in an NGC holder. DSC02101.J

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

Let's have some fun with turnaround times...

thats better than being grumpy about it...right ?? I was thinking (yes... I know, I am not supposed to think as wierd things happen..) lets have some fun with NGC's turnaround times. lots of us have grumbled a time or two about those long waits, myself included. I submitted an order last week and it was received today. Lets have a contest to see who comes the closest to how long it takes to get the coins out of NGC. You need some basic info. Order was for crossover service, economy level. Sta

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

Let's Broaden the Base...

... and add Anacs and ICG. I expect that this will certainly open up a very large can of worms but what the heck, this forum is supposed to get you thinking about coins. I think most of us will agree that the number 3 and number 4 third party graders are ICG and Anacs (though maybe not in that order) but the truth is, they are all (the top 4) very good. The "Registry" was designed to bring out the very best coins. Not too long ago when we were all talking about PCGS' exclusivity in their re

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

Stated Turnaround Times

A suggestion... but you'll never be able to send in coins to NGC again I dont want to try and stick it to any of the grading companies (except maybe PCGS), I just want what we all want, and that is simply the service we have paid for. Now, if you follow the following suggestion, there is a better than average chance that the grading company will not let you submit any more coins, however, the up side is, like most any other enterprise, the grading companies really LIKE getting money, so maybe

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

re: Best Use....

It is more.. This forum is more than a collector or two giving some technical data. We should be able to share stories, experiences, anecdotes and generally have some fun with our hobby. If somebody posts an entry stating " I bought a 1901 IHC." Big deal... who cares?? But if the posts was "I got this 1901 IHC blazer at a yard sale for 5 bucks!" adds a little more excitement. If the only thing we want is collector jargon and technical data, heck we can read CoinAge or one of the other coin

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration

We need a new coin...

So lets see what you think... In our coinage history we have had the ? cent, which we got rid of, the 2 cent, the 3 cent and even a 20 cent piece and each has met its doom due to poor usage and circulation. The ? dime doesnt really count as the composition was changed and so they called it a nickel. But I ramble, to the point... our new coin should be... get ready for this.... it's the..... 9 Mill coin, we could call it a "Nill" or "Nilly" worth exactly 9/10 of 1 cent. I know this wo

Admiral Mike-migration

Admiral Mike-migration