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ICG & Anacs

Admiral Mike-migration


My nickels worth. Used to be two cents worth, but with the price of gas nowadays, it costs more just to give your opinion.

I have mixed feelings about adding other TPG's to the registry. I completely agree with Bammer on allowing Anacs and ICG into the Signature Series. Bammer's argument and logic was well formed.

Many oppose the addition of other TPG's for two main reasons. One being a lack of census and second being consistancy in grading. Census could be easily cured by both Anacs and ICG as I am willing to bet they have kept records. Where this argument gets into a quagmire is consistancy....

Are ICG and Anacs really that inconsistant?? How many people have sent in coins to NGC and PCGS for regrades, or even designation reviews? In fact how many of those coins resubmitted were indeed changed?? Of those coins that received a change in grade or designation let me ask this... were they judged wrong the first time, or the second? Some people will keep submitting a coin 3, 4 or even 5 times UNTIL it gets the requested change... How can this, by ANY stretch of the imagination be considered consistant?

This just goes to show how really subjective the coin grading system really is. Mistakes are made all the time. If you take out both of the arguments brought forth, heck, we might as well let SGS (The PREMIERE grading service...lol) into our hallowed halls.

Has anyone else considered this... that NGC has every right to control thier company?? Don't they have the right to control thier registry, what goes in and what gets left out? I would tend to think that they do indeed have that right. I would also think if I don't like the rules and the format of NGC's registry, I can go somewhere else... and if I don't want to go somewhere else, or there is no place else to go (people are always telling me where to go, so that can't be it..) I can start my own registry.

I like the competitive registry just as it is. If allowed to vote on the matter, I would favor including certain other TPG's into the Signature Series ONLY.

Man... was this a long winded tirade or what!!??

This is my newly accquired "Smoothie", graded MS64 by PCGS. Bought it on Ebay for 77 dollars, so there is no need for you guys (and gals) to be spending hundreds of dollars to get one of these bad boys. While George looks like he lost a fight, I am glad to have this (almost) gem.


Michael Cooper




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