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Record time... but mixed results!!

Admiral Mike-migration


1 upgrade, 1 even, 8 down.... but hey...

They are all in NGC slabs now. I recently sent in 10 coins that had already been blabbed by ICG. They are all very nice coins. The only problem for me was that they were in the wrong slab. BTW, I bought them in ICG slabs. Nine of the coins were graded by ICG as MS/PF70 and one was MS69. As mentioned in an earlier post, these were processed in record time and I very much appreciate that level of service. Here are the results.

2001W ASE ICG PF70 NGC PF69 Down 1

2001 $10 Plat ICG MS68 NGC MS69 Up 1

2003 $5 AGE ICG MS70 NGC MS70 Same (Yeah!!)

2001 50c ICG PF70 NGC PF69 Down 1

2002 50c ICG PF70 NGC PF69 Down 1

1999 25c Connecticut ICG PF70 NGC PF69 Down 1

1999 Dolly Madison ICG MS70 NGC MS69 Down 1

1998 RFK ICG MS70 NGC MS69 Down 1

1994 Vietnam ICG MS70 NGC MS69 Down 1

1994 Women/Military ICG MS70 NGC MS69 Down 1

I would, of course hoped for a little better, but for the most part I am still happy. They seem to look better in NGC slabs, and I may still send a couple back for regrade.



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