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On 2/16/2021 at 4:02 PM, rocket23 said:

found a ''wheatie'' with a 19?? date.......darn shame.

Every wheatie is worth saving regardless of partial dates due to their high copper content. On the Periodic Chart chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, gallium... appear to be closest in weight. Some elements can be ruled out as unsuitable but I am sure the mettalurgists and advisors to the Mint know this.  One thing is certain... the Lincoln Cent as we have come to know it is obsolete, expensive to make, and unsustainable in its present composition.  I found seven on the subways alone yesterday and predict its discontinuance is inevitable. Coinbuf's collection is magnificent.

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Awesome Rocket...Congrats! Wheats are fun.  Slabbed coins give great protection and professional presentation to your collection.  I think they are fun - it's all fun. 

May you always look at it with enjoyment.

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49 minutes ago, Rollo Tomassi said:

Coin?   Or medal?   




Interesting.  It's got a rarely seen left profile of the President, a denomination, and best of all, a date that, if memory serves, precedes the laying of the cornerstone of the U.S. Mint. A beautiful piece. (My uneducated guess is this is neither a coin or medal but an experimental pattern.)

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2 hours ago, Rollo Tomassi said:

Collector's Corner lists it in the Colonials group.   Separately though as "Washington Pieces."

I liked the eagle.    :)

Gorgeous piece!

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2 hours ago, dleonard-3 said:

I just love it when a nice "CAMEO" copper comes out of no where, and screams "BUY ME".............O.K.



This strike was so strong you can actually see the figures between the other columns rumored about for years, distinctly.  Great find!

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