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  1. @Woods020 Absolutely love the 1840 Half Dime!!
  2. The free TrueView for Regular service level submissions is a relatively new policy………maybe a year or so. So it’s quite likely your already slabbed PCGS coins won’t have TrueViews. It’s also possible that some of those slabs may have been submitted using the Economy service level, in which case won’t have TrueViews unless they were paid for. You can also check your slabs to see if there is a gold shield on the insert. These will/should have TrueViews attributed to them. Any coin with a TrueView will keep that TrueView if the coin is sent in for a regrade submission or a Reholder as long as it is still in the holder. If the coin is cracked out and sent in raw the old TrueView will not follow automatically. It might be possible to link the old TrueView with the cracked out coin with a phone call or email to customer service explaining the coin was a crack out and furnishing the old Cert number.. Their database uses the Cert number in checking for TrueViews. I don’t think they are setup for photo recognition.
  3. On Regular submissions TrueViews are free.
  4. Apparently this is currently owned by Fred Weinberg.
  5. The proof Kennedy on the left in the OP’s photo could be an Accented Hair variety. The I in LIBERTY of the AH variety is truncated on the left side at the bottom. Take a close look at yours and see if it is truncated. Could you get a photo of the I of that coin and post it? The I should look like the I in the photo on the right below if it is an Accented Hair. .
  6. I have sold a few MPL’s through Legend. It has been two or three years, but unless they have changed their policy there is no seller’s fee. Seller receives full hammer price. Commissions are received from the buyer.
  7. It took me 10 minutes to get the set in the bag and another 53 minutes fighting crashes, bad handshakes, timeouts, etc before I finally found success. It was much worse than the Peace dollar experience.