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  1. I could see it wrote on a slab one of these days," Hogheads underwear drawer collection."
  2. Those are some sweet 3 cent silvers. One of my favorite coins. Hopefully I will be able to afford a nice one like those above one of these days. This one is the only one i own for now. Not very nice but i still enjoy it.
  3. Looks like damage to me. Looks like its had a rough life.
  4. Thank you all for the info. I enjoy the history behind alot of these old coins no matter if they are worthless or valuable. Most have an interesting story of why they were minted. I like to learn any kind of history.
  5. That is a beautiful coin. One of the most beautiful seated coins ive laid eyes on.
  6. I have been looking at some of my world coins. Trying to narrow down where they are from and what denomination they are. I have figured out several of them but have a few that has me puzzled. Dont know the language on it to figure it out. Does anyone know what this is and the denomination?
  7. Thanks. Ill try to figure out how to set it.
  8. Very cool find JP. Ill have to keep my eye open for those now.
  9. Very nice one. I lucked out on the one i bought while back. It was in one of the old fat holders with the hologram still on the back. The obverse pic is the one from auction. I snapped the reverse real quick to show the hologram. Its a very nice looking coin. I am very happy with it. I love Walkers.
  10. Not sure the resolution but its a Samsung Note 10