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  1. I guess I’ll post another large cent to get the game going again 🌛
  2. Mr_Spud

    Contrasts in Lighting

    Oh, so that’s why I ended up with too many weird reflections when I recently took pictures of a reverse proof. These 3 different proof finishes were all taken with the same lighting setup using my iPhone and a couple of LED lights. My reverse proof came out similar to your LED ring light picture. I might have to try your CD case trick in the future for the reverse Proofs 🤔 Here’s a couple of pictures of my set-up
  3. More like freedom from the tyranny of British rule, dictators etc for the Revolutionaries
  4. I actually like these ones with the cap on a pole, because on the goddess Libertas’ holiday they freed slaves by giving them a cap. Reminds me of Harry Potter tricking Mr Malfoy into freeing Dobby by hiding a sock in a book that he knew Mr Malfoy would hand to Dobby. Giving an article of clothing such as a sock or a cap signifies freedom and Liberty. Liberty isn’t supposed to wear the cap, she gives it to a former slave signifying making them free men. Coins themselves represent freedom and liberty, because free men work and get paid with money whereas slaves work and don’t get paid with money. It all makes cents 😉
  5. Probably spent some time in a leather pouch or something similar, not really sure though. I purchased it raw at a coin show in Anaheim CA about 10 years ago because I liked how it looked and then submitted to PCGS where they gave it a grade of VF35. I think it’s the first bust half I ever owned.