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  1. not much Chris, pretty much a dead market for very common cents
  2. At one time I had a complete set of Ga. notes including the two or three rare note s
  3. pretty common note little high for condition, but that is just my thoughts
  4. Wanted to buy the above mentioned IHC.( 1884/1896 pcgs au58) Trying to build am everyman set and in 4 years these are the two I have been unable to locate. call at 706 752 0698 if you preferr.
  5. GREAT to see young people coming into the hobby. First you learn about the coins you collect and then learn how to get mustard stains out of your shirt.. After a few shows you will see what I am talking about. And you are interested in my favorite coin the lowly Lincoln cent.
  6. not even close. you will learn in time we all started off totally lost and even after over 60 years collecting i still make some dandy mistakes
  7. Absolutely not you will be getting$11.50 for $50 you might squeeze out $15,.00