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11 hours ago, EmiCoins said:

And yes, I’ll add a few Faustinas and Lucillas to the set, to make it more interesting.:wink:

I love it Emi and, yes, they are very interesting people.  In my opinion, you'd be hard pressed to find a Roman Imperial in this time period who isn't interesting, which is what makes collecting the Five Good Emperors and the people connected to them so much fun!  I'd say that the closest you come to an uninteresting Roman royal for this time is probable Faustina victim Lucius Verus.  He was kind of a flat tire, at least in my opinion, but the rest are absolutely fascinating!  I love the contrast between Marcus Aurelius, who was so stoic, peaceful and and philosophically spiritual and his wife Faustina who, well.......wasn't.  She was an educated, intelligent and cultured woman, to be sure, but she also had that brutal warrior side to her, much more so than her husband.  But they loved each other in spite of these differences and had what was arguably the most normal marriage in all of Roman Imperial history.  And, Faustina's vicious side allowed her to do some of the heavy lifting for Marcus Aurelius, so he didn't have to endure such activities, which would have been much more distasteful to him and taken a higher toll on him than they would have for Faustina.  In spite of whatever else she did (the poisonings, the alleged throwing of people to wild beasts for various reasons, the angering of many Senators with her outspoken and sometimes violent nature.   But not the infidelity to Marcus Aurelius.  That does not appear to be true.  Rather, these allegations were likely made by Senators and other powerful enemies she made to discredit her and, maybe, get her out of the way.) , Faustina clearly loved him deeply to the point where she was always by his side, wherever he was and whatever had to be done there.  And she gave him 13 children, so something was definitely good in that marriage :)But Commodus seems to have certainly inherited this brutal side from Faustina and unlike her, he was unable to check it at all.  Nor did he have a partner to help him check it, like Faustina had in Marcus Aurelius.  And poor Lucilla, who was married to Verus, who has always struck me as a total *spoon*, first was betrothed to him then 4 years later, loses her Augusta status when Verus either dies of the Antonine Plague or at the hands of Lucilla's mother!  I think she was fine with losing Verus but not her status.  And apparently Faustina didn't approve of Lucilla's second marriage to a Senator (I don't recall his name off the top of my head) either, but at least she didn't kill the guy. 

Sorry for the small book....Faustina is a passionate subject for me....she's so absolutely fascinating to me!  I'm so pleased to hear that you are going to add her and Lucilla to your collection Emi.  If I can help you with that in any way, don't be afraid to ask.  I always love talking ancients, clearly :)


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2 hours ago, EmiCoins said:

Thank you Tom! Great info!

No problem....I can talk Faustina and this time in Roman history all day.  I have a Bachelor's and a Master's in Historical Studies, but I've been stuck teaching Modern World History for way too long......I always enjoy an opportunity to talk Romans, Faustina especially.

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Stewart Blay told me this example had been treated with Ammonia. Sent it back to PCGS and they took it off the market. They must have agreed. They did make me whole.



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Super coins all!


I have two Lincoln Cents in my 1957 Business Strike Mint Set (#3). Two of my Grandsons from California are visiting for the holidays.

I gave each of them one of my Lincoln cents:






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