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12 hours ago, Abuelo's Collection said:

In our beloved section “Coins you have never seen before (and likely you will never see again)” I present you this exceedingly rare 4 escudos from the Guanajuato mint dated 1856. This is the coin featured in Coinfacts Wiki. How rare you wonder? Well, according to Richard Long in his book on Mexican Republic gold, it is extremely rare (not even a sale chart is included with the issue!). In fact, this very coin, according to Long, is the only specimen offered for sale during the period 1994-2001 (Ponterio and Associates). Offered by Goldberg in 2014 (“Mexico. 4 Escudos, 1856-Go PF. Hand on book. Listed as Extremely Rare in the Richard Long book. Natural edge flaw. NGC graded VF-20.") and then by Stack’s Bowers (“This is a truly rare 4 Escudos from the Guanajuato mint. The 1856 date is missing from Gerber, Eliasberg, and Norweb collections. Small edge flaw at 3:00 noted”). And yes, you read correctly, this issue is missed in the Norweb, Eliasberg, and Gerber collections (but not Abuelo’s!). When people ask me if I like more conditional rarities or absolute rarities, this coin is my answer! Yes, it has a flan flaw, but when you are talking of these rarities, that is as good as it gets. It also is a top pop... ok, apparently the only one graded by NGC.

So you get an idea, 1856 is not even listed at the NGC price guide...




This is the kind of coin that turns my crank: Rare, with a capital "R." Well done! :golfclap:

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This rarity, both absolute and condition, was recently adopted by Abuelo. The Emperor abdicated in March of 1823, and while his coinage did not stop production immediately,  the coins were produced the same year making imperial coinage for the year rare. The coin has the characteristic cud in the bust (some examples have it very pronounced). I looked for this coin for years! And at MS64 I just cannot complain!



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On January 3, 2020 at 9:47 PM, gmarguli said:

Haven't added too much to my core collection in a while, but when these were offered for sale a little while ago I jumped on them. Not very often that gem 17th century Talers become available.




1614 Germany Saxony Johann Georg I and August Taler Dav-7573 in NGC MS65

Super rare condition for this type. It's by far the top pop at NGC/PCGS. For type, the next highest graded are MS63 (PCGS) and MS61 (NGC). Heritage auctioned an MS61 last year that they described as having a handful of minor flan imperfections, yet they stated that "Without a doubt the nicest example of the type that we have handled, and a type that rarely comes so nice at all...". This is just plain rare in nice condition.




1641 Germany Augsburg Ferdinand III and City View Taler Dav-5039 in NGC MS65+

Not nearly as rare as the Saxony Taler, but still an awesome design in extremely high grade. There is an MS66 (NGC) and a couple of MS65 (PCGS). There are also a small hoard of them that came on the market around 10 years ago in gem condition, but they don't seem to have made it into the US TPG. Probably mostly still in European hands.


Very Nice and are you still holding auctions?

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Hi All, new here, these are some of my coins that  were sent to be graded, tested with five first (I noticed that some of these certified image captures have the cert# off on many of the posts, so I went and did the same), please have a look:


Two of this:


Two of this:


On the lot I bougth, among many other coin types, from these 1935 10 Centavos were 22 in the same of better conditions from the samples shown above, waiting for the grades (my order status it is scheduled for grading) and btw, have the plan of selling these as a lot too, will see where ends :).



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