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  1. I think it's a combination of adjustment marks and scratches/damage.
  2. This one arrived today, I'd grade it a nice Fine. O-105, my third or fourth example I think.
  3. Here is another that arrived this week, a die marriage I didn't have and a mild version of the halo toning that I like on Bust halves. This one is an O-109a graded VF-20 by ANACS.
  4. I picked this one up recently, a nice circulated example, but when I got around to attributing it (with a big cup of coffee) I found it was a marriage I didn't have, O-145 (R-5).
  5. Such sad and unexpected news, condolences to his family.
  6. She's a beaut Clark! There is always interest among the die hard collectors for such interesting transitional states, but often they are not important enough for the TPGs or non-crazy collectors to care. I have an 1814 O-107 prime, and me and perhaps six other people on the planet even care about it!
  7. Other examples I can recall are the 2001 Buffalo dollars, they sold out and were going for something like $300 a piece, but now they are back to earth. Same is true for the 1996 National Community Service silver dollars, the proofs never got too high, but I recall the uncs were up to about $300 at one point and now they are about $80. The 1998 RFK set with the matte proof silver Kennedy once went for more than $300, but I bought one last year at a coin show for $50! So, buy what you like and don't look back, but always remember if you miss the ride up in a bubble, there will likely be a better buying opportunity in the future!
  8. A couple recent purchases, the first is a new die marriage for me, my 152nd, graded F-12 by NGC, a later die state with the die lump by the first S in States and some nice clashing by the Of on the reverse. The second is a quintuplicate of this marriage, but I'm a sucker for overdates!
  9. 1979 was a "mini default" where the Treasury failed to pay principal and interest on about $122 million in T-bills owned by individuals. The result was a 60 bps spike in rates but the holders were paid eventually.
  10. Checked today at my local coin shop and this is not silver, not sure what the metal is, but I am now convinced it's a contemporary counterfeit.
  11. 1814, 1933, 1971, 1979 and arguably multiple times during the Civil War when payment in specie was suspended.
  12. These two arrived yesterday and one of them is a new die marriage for me.
  13. These two arrived yesterday and one of them is a new die marriage for me!
  14. @Henri Charriere I believe you may have completely missed the point of my post, so I'll just leave this here...