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  1. From the scrapes and "dents", I would say it is a sure parking lot coin that got run over and scraped along the asphalt a little bit. It has had a rough life.
  2. Sorry to hear you are disappointed in your first submission. Many of us have travelled that road. While people can and do make mistakes, it is good you know the proper attribution and can have that corrected. Imho, the coin itself looks better after the conservation effort than the initial photo. I do not pay any extra for the imaging service. I photo all of my coins myself when they return. I will say I have noticed some of the photos even in the verification tab seem a little on the darker side to me. Not sure why. As for the grade itself, what did it return as? And what did you think it was going to grade at? Just curious.
  3. From what I see, I see extra thickness, and I see secondary design elements at the same level as the primary design elements. I think this may be a legit DDR. I also think it would be worth the effort to contact CONECA in regards to this coin and provide them with whatever they need to assess what is present on this coin.
  4. I simply cannot comment on this coin without clear, cropped photos of both sides of the coin and a closeup of the area in question (closeup but not high mag).
  5. Damage from a coin roll wrapping machine, and as for the mintmark, it could have either been a broken post on the die, or a partially grease filled mintmark when it was struck. Or The roll wrapping machine actually knocked some of the metal into the space inside the mintmark to fill it. No matter what, though, you have a physically damaged quarter.
  6. The mount can be removed, but the coin would still receive a details grade for "Mount Removed". I also agree with Mike that this piece was improperly cleaned seeing as it was being used as a jewelry piece and a persons sweat and oils would have made the silver turn ugly colors quickly. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse this damage.
  7. I am voting in the camp that there is a combination of some strike doubling and also some die deterioration doubling. I notice the very mushy and slope like appearance in spots in one of the photos and the "ragged" and not at the same height secondary image in the others. You are correct there is mechanical doubling present on this coin.
  8. I agree as well that looks more like a strike through. The condition of this coin however negates any premium that it would have gained. There is environmental damage on the obverse of this cent that I think would preclude most collectors from having any interest in it. One thing to remember about error coins in general (since you seem to be posting several on here), most general collectors view error coins as somehow "damaged" or "not normal" and typically won't collect them. Avid error collectors also seek out quality specimens and coins with "massive" or "spectacular" errors are the ones that gain premium in the marketplace. Just because a coin has a legitimate error, does not necessarily add premium, especially in cases where the coin would receive a details grade as would be the case of this coin having some environmental damage.
  9. Am I missing something "special" about this quarter? It looks like an ordinary circulated issue worth face value to me unless there is something I am missing. ????
  10. I have a hard time telling from the photo if that is raised or incuse. It almost looks like a scratch to me.
  11. Not to worry. I hardly if ever get my way And I am not the coin police.
  12. I agree on the lamination. You can see the area of it. I would say it is significant enough to be attributed as an error seeing there is a portion of the lamination and the resultant disturbance of the lettering. I do not think, however, if it would add any real premium to this coin. I would say for a coin of this year and mintmark, and its circulated condition and brown color, by the time you paid all the grading and error fees and shipping to and from, you would be at negative money by submitting it. It is the type of coin to sell or keep raw.
  13. Any details coin will basically lose about 1/3 of its value whether it is polished, cleaned, corroded, scratched, bent, graffiti(ed), etc. A coin receiving a details grade, is a details coin no matter what the impairment is. I have sold some details coins on eBay and given the appropriate discount for impairment. They have sold, but some took a very long time to sell. Sometimes it is hard to find a buyer for a details coin. Also, I agree with all the others that you will not recover any value on a details coin. Basically, all the ones I sold were at a loss. Some at a steep loss. I also agree with the others that it depends on the level of impairment or damage. A coin lightly cleaned or "dipped" that still retains good eye appeal will not lose as much value (it will still lose one to two grade points). Coins that are heavily bent, heavily scratched, holed, tooled, whizzed, rim damaged, deeply scraped, etc. will lose up to 2/3 of their value. Possibly even more. So, for details coins you can use the price guide as a "base" price on whatever details the coin still has left, but then you have to start deducting for loss of eye appeal and the amount and number of impairments. Multiple impairments = less value (think scratched, bent, corroded all on the same label).
  14. More total bullarkey. Glad you didn't kill any brain cells reading that any further @Henri Charriere!
  15. My mother had some coins she put away when they came out. She asked me to submit some before she passes just to see the results. Turns out she had some really nice coins (moderns), which she stated emphatically that they are now mine and she is satisfied just seeing them in the holders. This is just one.