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  1. That is the last of the nickels. Nothing to write home about here. Too bad the 2009 D was damaged by a roll wrapper machine. On to the cents
  2. Well not bad so far, a couple of book coins and a nice 1930 Buffalo.
  3. I got another batch to look at. I will post any sweet ones if I find any.
  4. Very nice coin. MS67 can be the high ball in nickels most of the time they are a bit too high for my pocket but as the others have said, It depends on the buyer.
  5. Is it some kind of glue or epoxy on the surface of the coin? It looks like an old picture. 3/02/2021
  6. Hi Cam , It looks like someone tried to make it look like an error. Not imposable but, it would be hard for a coin to get turned on edge in the coin press. Is the impression raised or incuse?
  7. Most of the devices on the new quarters would be incuse. Have you also turned the coin and looked at it on a angle. if you are using a scope with multiple led lights, it will cast shadows of doubles.
  8. I think the handrail could use some new stain.
  9. It could be the collectors' initials.
  10. All the coins I have purchased have all been sent USPS. No one uses Fed Ex that I buy from.
  11. Hopefully, you were unable to find a listing for any 1969 (P) half dollar Ya I think the Philly mint was closed at that time.