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  1. Coins from the NOLA mint can be VERY soft. I had an MS 1885 O that was just like that. My guess is that the color is MUCH better in hand. I'm guessing that it's a 64. Keep it going and, someday, you'll have a nice box of 20.
  2. @VKurtBThose are nice. I have some, too, only smaller. But, I prefer the sturdiness and durability of the plastic ones. I have what I need, now, so I won't be getting any more.
  3. I found the answer, on my own. Modern Coin Mart (MCM) is also selling them. They are obviously a new design by NGC (possibly an attempt to cut costs). I don't like this version, as much as the older ones, but they still serve their purpose. Edit to add: Old PCGS holders don't fit, either. Only thing that fits are brand new NGC slabs. I wish I'd have known about this---I wouldn't have purchased it. I would have found an older one instead.
  4. I bought an NGC storage box on the secondary market. It was listed as new and came with the white box and plastic wrap/bag. The prongs/slats on the inside are different than on my older NGC storage boxes, so my fatties won’t fit in there…not even on the ends. Did NGC change its design or is this a counterfeit box?
  5. Flippers and counterfeiters bother me the most. Also, money and numismatics have always been related. This is good, if you're a long term investor. I never cared for sky-high, 'ga-ga' grades but won't begrudge those who do. I simply avoid them. I never purchased much from the mint, so the quality of offerings and fairness (or lack thereof) of purchasing doesn't really affect me. Being tougher to impress is good, IMHO. It simply means that you have evolved into a better, more knowledgeable and discerning collector.
  6. My term is also correct. https://www.ngccoin.com/coin-grading/pedigrees/
  7. Theoretically, I could do better but WHEN? And at what cost? And would the eye appeal be as nice? So, my mindset was: "A bird in the hand is much better than two (or another) in the bush". I also love that it is PROOFLIKE.........That makes it SPECIAL. The pedigree is COOL, also. Thanks again, for the kind words.
  8. Thanks, coin brother. I'm really happy with it.
  9. The NGC software would not allow me to post the full name of my coin's pedigree, as the diminutive of 'Richard' has been deemed obscene by the powers that be.
  10. Thanks, guy for all the positive (I think ) remarks and encouragement. I am becoming somewhat of a Seated Dollar geek! LOL!! I have been reading up on them and searching for them, all over the internet. I am captivated by their beauty, history and scarcity, which are pretty much the same attributes that drew me into Early Walkers. I wasn’t really looking for this date, in particular, but just happened to come across it. When I researched it; I found out how truly scarce it was. I figured that it was a good buying opportunity, as the price was $400 below NGC retail. I guess that it was just in the cards for me. Work hard, do your due diligence, and luck will find you.
  11. What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing. I took out many books like that, when I was a child.... that could have been any one of us.
  12. Very sad news indeed. RIP to your coin comrade. I've enjoyed his many segments over the years.