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    My biggest weakness is pre 1900 large copper coins.
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  1. Were you able to view the lot in person? I know even the big auction houses have trouble catching a coins true appearance at times. At the last ANA/Heritage auction that I was able to attend in person the on-site lot viewing I did completely changed how I was bidding. That said, there are definitely crazy prices in the areas that I collect and it is not often that I can view lots in person prior to bidding. I don't have deep pockets so I have to be picky what I bid on. Going into a big auction I may have 6 items that I am both interested in and feel like I have a chance of obtaining. Out of those, I may only bid seriously on 1 or 2 of them. Attached is my most recent auction win. I ended up paying 4 times the estimate but the estimate was rediculously low. This came from the CNG sale earlier in the week. They actually had videos posted of most of the items in the sale which is important to me. If interested it can be seen here. Still not as good as an on site inspection but in my opinion, more informative than a photo.
  2. Could we add a set for the 3" US Mint Medals honoring the Codetalkers? Like numbers 2715613-001 thru -026
  3. Hello, for set: AH1388/1969-AH1389/1971, Proof, Complete There is not a spot for the Apollo XI 10 Riyals (like 2851082-088)
  4. Hello. I have 2 requests for this registry set: Copper Five Kopeks, Catherine II, 1763-1796, Circulation Issue I have a 1763MM that needs to have a slot added 2851082-004 And for coin 2831173-013. It is improperly flagged as a 1763 when in fact it should be the 1763CM slot. Can these be done?
  5. For set Copper Five Kopeks, Catherine II, 1763-1796, Circulation Issue can you add a slot for 1768MM like 2841233-002 Thank you
  6. That Charlemagne piece is a beauty.
  7. Although technically not a Conder token I collect the later tokens along with the Conder tokens. Just picked this one up. It arrived from across the pond last week.
  8. Wow, they have some exceptional pieces. This isn't something I collect but I can appreciate them. I hadn't checked out their site in a while. Found quite a few items that I do collect.
  9. I collect a lot of German States coins. It is not uncommon for them to come back with the wrong information on the label. It is an exceptional piece for the type.
  10. Thank you for the quick response. Why is the slot marked "1763 (Non-competitive; for display only)"?
  11. Ali,Can you add a slot to this set: Copper Five Kopeks, Catherine II, 1763-1796, Circulation Issue Need a slot added for the 1763 with no mint mark. It is Krause # C#59.1. Cert# 4625659-011 is an example. Thank you
  12. I have a bunch of these both raw and graded but I just love that you can see so much of the host coin on this one. Krause lists the 1763 with no mint mark as "rare" but I don't think it is.
  13. I agree. Kind of has the look of a souvenir shop piece.