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A bit of family history emerges.



A couple of weeks ago I reached out to my Mom to ask her about the date ranges for the time when they were in Argentina, where they were, etc.

I wanted to have a little more information so I could incorporate this into the set description for my Austral set:


The coins I had gotten came mostly from my grandmother, giving me coins my grandfather had kept.

However, apparently, not long after I reached out to my mother, my sister found this in a bunch of papers and other things my mother had given her:


Inside she found these:


My mother had her 14th birthday about a month after they got into Argentina, and her classmates had given her 1 Peso coins, which she put in this tin, and those coins have been in this tin for 50 years I guess. You can see "Birthday $" written on it.

My sister returned the tin to my mother.

Last night we were getting together to celebrate some birthdays - mine and my nephews. My mother had the tin. She gave each of her 4 grandchildren one of the pesos and then gave the tin and the rest of them to me.

The coins are obviously circulated, but, more interestingly, they're about a 50/50 mix between the 1810-1960 1-year issue 150-years after the May Revolution coin (KM58) and the KM57 1 peso coin. But the coins are all from 1957, 1958, and 1960... Nothing from the later 1960s... and my mother got these in the 2nd half of 1970. And it didn't make sense for that to be a coincidence.



It turns out, after a bit of looking, that Argentina last produced KM57 in 1962 and didn't produce 1 peso coins again until 1974 - years after they'd left the country. So, at the time my mother was in the country, the newest 1 peso coins that had been made were 8 years old.

Odd to think about.

I think I'll probably keep these in the tin for now. I could take them out and put them in flips but... The tin feels like part of the story for these.




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