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Belated Presents and getting the bug again.



I got some belated birthday presents from my wife’s family this weekend and I finally got to find out what my wife said when she said she’d given her mother her “other idea.” My MIL gave me an NGC MS70 2013 Koala.

I had not been looking at these in a while and they weren’t on my wish list on eBay. She went into my registry sets and found a coin I didn’t have for a set and went on eBay and found it, in the right grade. The rest of the set up to this point has been all MS70s and they got an MS70.

I’m quite surprised – she’s getting better at figuring this stuff out and finding stuff on her own.

This does however make it more important to register things and have them in sets after I get them though. lol It would be sad to see her efforts wasted and fouled by an out-dated registry set. lol

I’m not sure if it’s the byproduct of getting back into things here to finish the Austral set up and running after my submission came back but before the deadline or of getting a coin from my wife a few weeks ago, but I seem to have the bug back.

I’d been building up quite a bit of money in my coin budget because I hadn’t been buying anything. I’d bought the raw Argentinian coins a while back and then nothing, and the raw coins were cheap. Now I’ve been buying a few things again – a few things for the 5 and 10 L sets, a couple of new Rhodesian coins…

And it has me pumped to start making a few more posts here to talk about some of this.

Also – miracle of miracles – I’ve updated that World Gold Coin custom set to include more coins and include some of the pertinent facts and design details. I know... It’s shocking.

I think when I first got back into the registry a few years ago I bought a few more coins for the Koala set myself, but I dropped it because it was going to take too much of my budget at the time and I couldn’t do that and other things. Having gotten this 2013 Koala, I am seeing that several more of the 9 coins I’d need are on eBay in MS70 for only about $60-75. It wouldn’t be hard for me to get that set back to being much closer to being complete and up to date again for the first time in a very long time.

We’ll see. I’ll be giving it some thought, and I may get a couple now / soon and a few more later. They are a nice  group of coins and they’ve never been as impacted by the spotting issues. That’s why I played with them again a few years ago.



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