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  1. Hi, Brett. Thanks for your support. I am very fortunate to have a small but diligent team! You can go to the chat post for recently released sets:
  2. Hello and thanks for your interest. We will add these requests to our queue of pending set requests. We will send you an email when the team has reached a decision.
  3. Hello. A set with these small parameters is more appropriate for a Custom NGC Registry set. Thanks very much.
  4. Hello and thanks for your interest. We will create this new set in the next few weeks: German States: Saxe-Altenburg, 1901-1903, Regular Coinage, Complete
  5. Hello, Scott. Thanks for your interest. Due to their unique nature, counterstamp coins are typically eligible in Custom Sets, or they are eligible in separate Counterstamp Sets. Once a coin or medal is counter-stamped, it is being utilized by someone for something other than its original intended purpose and usually by a different country altogether. As such, typically, we do not group them with "regular" coins in competitive sets. If we grade more counterstamp medals similar to this one, we can consider the possibility of creating a separate counterstamp set at that time. I thought you may enjoy the article, below. Thank you.
  6. Hello, Robert. We appreciate your interest. The other Eagle "Anniversary" sets in the NGC Registry were actually sold by the US Mint as "Anniversary Sets." We would not add new competitive Eagle Anniversary sets based upon special labels. You may create Custom Sets, if you wish. Thank you.
  7. Hi, Revenant. Our apologies for any confusion; we were updating scores and streamlining sets. Your coins are still eligible in the "regular" Pres. Dollar Mint Set. Thanks.
  8. Hello, Miguel. For the fastest response, please post all new slot requests by clicking on the link, below. Thank you.
  9. Hello, Robert. Another collector also had Eagle requests. This was our response to your particular request, below. Thanks very much.
  10. Hello, Scott. Thanks for your interest. This piece is listed by our senior graders as a silver medal, not a coin. As such we would not add it to an NGC Registry coin set. This unique piece is more appropriate for a Custom NGC Registry set as this point in time.
  11. Hi, Mike. I have passed on your request to get the coin description changed in the grading screens. I will let you know when I hear back from them. Thanks very much.
  12. Hi, Brett. We will get this slot added. Thanks very much. Please note the November 1st deadline for new slots for 2021. You may want to write a list of any coins you have pending and send it to, to be sure you beat the deadline for this year's awards. Thanks very much.
  13. Hello, Miguel. We see no issue with this certification number. (Please wait until you have the coin in hand before entering it into the NGC Registry.) For questions about authenticity or verification, please contact Customer Service at Thanks very much.