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  1. Congratulations on completing the Set Lots of these 'modern' Sets from the start of the 20th century until ~1970's are surprising difficult to complete and even more so in high grade. I seem to have given up and am settling for typesets
  2. Very nice coin, something about the colour of gold that you can't beat - it just looks valuable
  3. Great medal! I have recently seen a documentary on the Panama canal - fascinating, and it would be great to see it in person. Somewhere (?) I have a banknote from the Aguan Navigation and Improvement Company in Honduras from when they were raising funds to have the canal there. Obviously they lost to Panama
  4. Many congratulations to you and Mike and all of the NGC and PMG winners this year. There are some really interesting sets in there - more fascinating areas to learn about
  5. 'I'm finding these type sets with different designs more fun to build than long-run date sets that all have the same design.' @Revenant Medals and banknotes and typesets for coins certainly have this advantage, which is great, but a complete date run of one denomination is a real and different challenge - I will complete my sixpence die numbers I was often outbid for some coins which then appeared on a certain dealers website along with an email highlighting 'a coin I may be interested in' was available. For the banknotes it seems to be 3 dealers rather than just one Medals do seem to disappear into collections though. 'There will be no mercy. ' I am sure you will be victorious
  6. I have really only had this problem with utility companies who sometimes just will not except that there are better deals elswhere. Here in the UK there are probably only a couple of 'bullion/collectable coins' companies that appear to be guilty of this and I have to say I have made sure not to buy from them - there are some long threads on dealing with them on some Forums
  7. @Revenant Great pics - one of the first coins I bought as I expanded my British coins to British colonial - cost 20p at the time! Seems to be the only date I had
  8. Value does seem to be the thing that interests them the most but the history is slowly creeping up on them, but it will be when they ask how to grade coins I know I will have cracked it.
  9. It has been a while but my graded Napoleon typeset is now complete Congratulations must go to @Mac5 who reached 100% first. Next challenge will be a Custom Set and will be one coin per mint, only about a third of the way there so that may take some time as most of my Typeset are from Paris - mintmark A. A project for the next few generations will be the Sets for Italy, Spain, Westphalia, Holland and all the tokens and medals before even attempting date runs. As we don't have any grand children yet I need to have a word with the kids!
  10. So sorry to hear this, praying for you all. We have a family member with epilepsy - modern treatments have been very effective and no one would know without looking at the paperwork. The biggest inconvenience (and it is here in the UK) is that Sam will probably just need his driving licence renewed every few years. Very best wishes
  11. I too have had numerous issues with couriers - in the middle of one dispute at the moment as it appears they can't read, or answer emails, or the phone At least one of the others has stopped emailing all the info about my packages to random email addresses and actually sends it to me now! Having said all that, everything has eventually turned up even if it is a few months late
  12. Starship Troopers was my first thought reading your title - appalling tactics in dealing with the 'bugs' and there is no way I would be trying to get citzenship by signing up to that(not the way they do it in the book though!). Often it is the stories behind the items that is the real interest and is what captures people's imagination and your sets certainly do that and it still surprises me that the vast majority of such stories are not actually recorded anywhere. Maybe people assume all the information etc is already documented somewhere in which case they are "sure of a big surprise" (not a film )
  13. It would be great to have the information on the label It is a known variety and in the standard Gadoury reference for French coins, Monnasies Francaises, so it may be possible.
  14. Quite a while has passed since I added a coin to my collection - there are plenty to choose from out there but the prices being acheived at auction are now getting really silly, particularly for quality examples of almost anything. Despite this situation it will come as no surprise that the coin in question was Napoleonic - a 1808 10 centimes from the Paris mint. Why would I do this when, it is the most common issue, and I already have a couple of high grade examples?? (details on my Registry set). This mintage is actually made up of two varieities - the normal one and the 'upside down' one. The latter is struck en medaille rather than the usual coin alignment and is by far the much rarer of the two - maybe a few% of the production at best. For years I have been looking at all the 1808A's that have appeared at auction in the hope of finding a good one, I had identified just a few but these had seen extensive circulation and would only grade as Fine at best, so not great and I let them go. Recently a quality example appeared and it was already graded. Such a variety is often missed, and it wasn't recognised on the label either - unfortunately the auction house realised what it was and so I decided to just pay up Would NGC now recognise this well established variety? There are also clear varieties for some of the other 10 centime issues and I also check for all of those.