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  1. I like the old system too! I wish they would give us a choice as to which one we would like to use! Everything was right there for you! I mostly use my phone to surf through the pages which makes it kinda difficult to see everything now! It is made I think for a desktop format! Oh well...
  2. Well one way is to try and get one directly from the mint the day they go on sell and send it in to NGC! You got to be fast though, cause they'll go fast!
  3. Ok you guys here is a question for you, and I know you may have dealt with this before! "They say" the people that deal with coins that an NGC greated coin say MS70 is equal to a PCGS MS70. Keep in mind that we are talking about modern coins now 1990 or newer! So if that is the case how come when you send PCGS coins MS or PR 70 to NGC for cross over you may get only 1 out 10 to come back 70 from NGC and vice a versa! Is this an "ego thing" from the grading services or are they trying to say that the other company doesn't know what they are doing! It just doesn't make any sense to me, unless when they are grading coins they just allocate certain 70 and the rest 69 or lower! I don't know! I just don't understand! Thanks for your patients!
  4. ....and one more thing... God forbid that an existing pcgs coin is dropped out of your set with all this coin reassessment point value that it seems to be changing everyday... you won't be able to add it again! Go figure! It has happened to me!
  5. I agree completely! I could really add a bunch more things that I don't like any more about this registry.... but I'll keep quiet for now!