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  1. Yes I’m working on German Notgeld Collection , however I’ll never be able to fully complete it ! I have a catalog book on German notgeld it’s 700 pages full of notgeld coinage …. Very interesting time in Germany after WW1 Germany went through hyper-inflation each territory (states) in Germany produced emergency money made of iron ,aluminum , porcelain, brass coinage …. Here’s few examples I bought within last few months for my notgeld collections … they are pretty difficult sometimes to find in Gem condition mark free the iron and aluminum easily corrodes… I’ll have look your’s up in my book see what territory it came from when I get the time … right now I’ve been busy with work lately , I have other examples of notgeld coinage in my collection as well mostly high grades
  2. I look forward to it , if you and your father plan sell some German coins I may be interested I'm working on proof high grades in 2 ,3, and 5 mark series for my collection
  3. I collect a lot of world coins mostly focus on German coinage and medals I collect graded and raw both . I have a log book I write down certification number , grade , date of purchase, how much I paid or won it at an auction at the time , also keep every receipts as proof of purchase as well … all hand written ! Then I take photo of each coin obverse and reverse picture of the whole slab front and back then a close up picture of the coin in holder as well , I keep all the pictures on 2 flash drives for better insurance , I have a separate log book for when I sell a coin (which I rarely ever do , and if I do sell a coin it’s only for upgraded coin replacement purposes only) … it’s old school data keeping and cataloging but it works for me
  4. @cobymordet that morgan will not be a MS63 its badly cleaned notice on her cheek you see all lines going same direction harshly cleaned also luster is dullish as well anyone who been collecting for a lot years can spot that coin miles away with a naked eye it been cleaned badly or whizzed only worth melt value now
  5. @cobymordet I'm a far cry from an expert , nor will I ever be... I'm just a humble collector who studies a lot on what I collect.... there is types of 2 marks during that era they had KM# 124 (1969-1987) , then I see the one you posted in your picture KM# A127 (1970-1987) only difference I see is between the two is the bust of Theodor Heuss (the first president of the federal republic era) on the obverse of the coin...as for errors I see all kinds of german coinage with minting errors and planchet flaws, like off struck center , split planchet , lamination errors, "true" double dies and so on... some are worth some money only to a collector who collects that type of coin which is a very very small crowd (very small fraction compared to small crowd of hardcore US error collectors) ... So high marked up priced German error coins don't sell well most collectors overlook them
  6. https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/germany-federal-republic-2-mark-km-a127-1970-1987-cuid-1129134-duid-1318019 @VKurtB gave a helpful link as well I use that site as well to study on certain world coinage I don't see anything unordinary about your coin other than it was honestly circulated like it was supposed to be used so it has some wear possibly id take guess by photo its in "very fine" condition grading is graded same way as US coinage for wear... Possibly later stage strike when dies were wearing out the die deterioration causing lettering to look thicker along with circulation wear (not sure if its the photo but it looks like DDD) what I call false doubling what we also call DDD pretty common on German coinage just same as it is with US coinage due to dies wearing out.
  7. I've been getting lagging and crashing on my iPhone using safari search engine been going on for last 3 weeks ... however google search engine on the computer seems fine so far .
  8. @cobymordet thanks for the message , I came on to answer what you have there … 1st coin is a common( 10pfg) KM #26 after WW1 when Germany lost the war they went in hyper-inflation this was the main standard coinage at the time , all territories and towns of Germany, started making their own Notgeld coinage around that same time is another talk for another time 2nd coin you have is KM# A127 (2 Deutche Mark) another common coin of German republic years I believe yours was a Commemorative type of coin issued around that time. if you’re not sure what I meant by “KM#” ? I’m going by the Krause catalog of world coins
  9. @Hoghead515 conder tokens were more of of European thing back in 17th-18th century or perhaps earlier … they were made by small mints to cover small denomination coinage shortage in certain areas …. Tokens are a whole collecting ball game of its own (often under appreciated and over looked by collectors) , there are books and catalogs on tokens some are rare other aren’t worth much at all .. it’s almost like collecting German Notgeld coinage after WW1 going into Weimar republic years tons and tons of different designs on Notgeld coinage each territory had their own minted coin and design, mostly made of brass , iron and porcelain coinage nice examples are worthy and other examples are worth nothing I have a catalog about 700 pages full of German Notgeld coinage…. Hard to believe they pumped out that much coinage in short era before third reich rises in power for WW2 As for USA, I have no information if they used private Conder tokens to barter for goods in the colonial times ?
  10. That’s why I don’t come on here much anymore… all this “error coin” stuff is ruining these forums we all used chat about the real hardcore numismatic stuff and not dumb parking lot pocket change or made up goofy errors ! I don't see this nonsense spewed on daily basic on other coin forums I’m a member of , so why do we see this daily nonsense on here in the newbie section on this forums??? I don’t just get it … Not only that the NGC site been lagging too lately probably overloaded on servers with too many trolls on here posting stupid stuff for like one day , then changing their name to post some more nonsense for next day on and on
  11. I’ve bought tons of stuff over the years on EBay . Knock on wood I gotten everything I paid for too …. I used to buy a lot coins on eBay , lately I haven’t been using eBay too much …. Only if I see a really nice medal or coin I ALWAYS make an offer ! Just like if I were going to coin show same applies I make an offer and haggle the price …. other than that I use auction houses like heritage , Stacks , Great collections , European auction houses Now a days my wife mostly uses the EBay for her exotic plants she collects heavy in exotic plants not uncommon for her to spend/bid upward $400+ on certain plants she been ordering a lot from all over the states she hasn’t had one problem with her plants arriving just hope she’ll make a business out of it someday so I can retire early . HA
  12. Waiting on this bad boy to come from Germany ! I should have it sometime this week hopefully it just went through customs on its way … time for little history lesson ! It’s pretty cool medal WW1 Germany highly decorated field marshal named Eichhorn he’s mostly noticeable for his swift command and capture of the Russian Fortress of Kovno… it earned him highest title at time for field Marshal “Pour le Merite” they say he was killed in action (KIA) but as I read deeper on him I found out he was more likely assassinated by a Russian rebel or protester at time …. On reverse of the coin it reads “Hit the enemy in his heart!” I’m assuming this medal was made right around time Germany declared war on Russia although they went after France first **edit** 8/22/23 the medal finally came in mail from germany edited a few up-close pictures of the medal so far it’s only one I’ve seen I haven’t seen another one yet
  13. Most of my German coins I have to really study the auction prices. Most of NGC and Krause price guide is just for reference to me not really a price point NGC basically only goes up to MS63 a lot time they don’t have listed prices for German proof coins… I always make offers if I’m buying if I’m buying directly I try stay on lean 10%-20% below what that last price was going for sometimes I get it sometimes I don’t … it’s how it goes other time I’m stuck paying that price or little over … however the Bidding on certain higher up coins …. The price is not really available it’s more based on how much someone willing to really pay for it that’s what I like about world coins sometimes it’s can really surprising to see what something will really go for unlike US coins it’s pretty much solid price is price point within a ball park everyone has easy access to price guides , auction reports , Grey sheet and so on narrows down what one should really pay out for a certain coin
  14. I’d be telling a big lie if I said I didn’t over pay for certain coins in my collection . Then again I have no intentions of selling them anyways they sit in my collection never see market again …. Other coins I have flipped in on trades for upgrades , but most of the stuff I’ve got winning through bids are my keepers … to answer your question last night’s bidding wars on heritage hit me with “missed opportunities” then again I got the chance to watch a sorry high winning bidder have to pay out the high BP ! Ouchie …. That may or may not have affects on current coins I collect if another one happens to pop up for sale or Bid in the same grade it’s going to drive the prices upward based on last current bid price… how much more ? Who knows but it usually goes up after that rarely will it fall downward not much tho depend on coin or grade … but I get what what you’re saying I’ve had my fair share of it as well