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  1. @Outhaulhe included the cert number so it's easy to lookup the NGC images. from the label: Mint Error Struck on 50c Thickness Stock (6.2g), AU55
  2. This "instant expert" perception is most likely true. That would explain the dealers I've encountered that put me off once I hear them talking authoritatively about a topic or item even if incorrect. Certainly not limited to numismatics but with so many different avenues of collecting, classifying, and researching nobody is expected to be an expert on each. I'd be far more impressed, and likely to do continued business, with a dealer who said something was outside of his expertise but either suggested or introduced me to somebody else at the show who knew more on the subject.
  3. @124Spider Keep in mind it's still the day of release as well. We're yet to see how it works out and if the supply truly is enough for demand. The online sales currently of pre-order status for an item that ships in 2 months could very well be inflated by FOMO affect. Fear Of Missing Out for those unfamiliar with the acronym. Or the current pricing could be deflated based on resellers not willing to float the expense for 2 months. Last year for instance I considered the 400th Anniversary items for a potential flip. Ultimately decided not to. They they sold out in 30 minutes and I doubted how well I knew the hobby. But here, 9 months later, you can get them on the secondary market for barely above issue price. Seller's probably close to breaking even after fees.
  4. That's a legit thought. But then they run the risk of not selling their inventory. As long as they're pricing the item at a comfortable profit margin they're better off selling out completely than warehousing product for months/years trying to milk it for full profit.
  5. Though it would be pretty sweet to have an option similar to Heritage's where you can make an offer on a coin direct through the registry.
  6. Agree with RWB on this based on the question asked by OP. If OP had asked about adding value then there's other factors to consider. i.e., likelihood of grading PF70 and then whether or not that's the median grade or above average.
  7. This comes to mind every time I see a discussion - regardless of topic - where collectors condemn speculators/flippers/scalpers.
  8. "1964 SMS"...."Branch Proof Morgans"...."(a 3rd example would be nice)".....if you choose to hunt MobyDick-type coins that may or may not just be creative marketing and not actually different than high grade production items then there's going to be a lot of failure along the way with no guarantee of success. There's a lot of other items to hunt that are less stressful & less infuriating.
  9. I don't see any reason why either of these coins should be graded. If you see something I'm not seeing please be sure to elaborate.
  10. I'm not David but I don't see a clear question. Are you looking for a 1974 50c DDO variety here?
  11. That's unfortunate you can't use the online form in the UK. Odd that they wouldn't use the same front end. Having submitted to NGC & CGC a few times I'd even add that the CGC online forms for both comics & cards is far superior. Hopefully with the new holding company we'll see some new efficiencies and consistency in the webservices space across all of the companies. ....however, the company I'm with is part of a private corporation holding company style with 5 individual entities. While we've all shared the same IT resources for at least a decade each company is allowed to maintain the look and feel of their web presence individually. So it's not a given that NGC will incorporate elements of the CGC online form or that the UK office will conform to stateside standards.
  12. Unfortunately, I've seen medical reports & claims that involved things like this more than once in my career. I think it's the norm these days, but not sure if it's independent hospital/ASC policy, but somebody should be marking the body part or area with a non-toxic marker while the patient is still awake and prior to anesthesia so that there's no dispute later from whomever starts the procedure.
  13. Same. I've sold on eBay (various items, not just coins) since 2001. And one thing that hasn't changed, which I'm sure applies in real world auctioning, is that bidders make it emotional even when the item at stake is not worthy. And by worthy I mean one of those items that only comes to market periodically and has no equal. Shoot, I can't even tell you how many times I've had an item listed as Fixed Price for 2 months then sent it to auction and it sold for well above the Fixed Price listing because 2 guys got into a battle at the end.
  14. World coins can be fun for investigation if they're older. For me at least, as there are obscure but noticeable die varieties to be found amongst the shrapnel. Don't feel pressed to make an offer on your great nephews collection. Personally, I created a rule for my son back when he was 8 or so that "you don't make money off family". I.e. don't view family members as customers or clients. You know how grandparents are, and he was delightfully "selling" grandma wheat cents which she probably turned around and gave back to him a week later. It works for me since I want him to understand the value of doing fair business. He gets it and he understands fair market value. And I certainly don't mind passing along an item I get a great deal on at cost to him if it helps his collection grow. There's a few ways you can approach the great nephew collection that'll satisfy the desire to investigate coins. Help identify and facilitate a sale in exchange for choice of certain coins. Allow him to set the asking price if he wants to sell them (to you or otherwise). Or just help identify and help him collate the collection into something easily sortable if he agrees to pay for the supplies.
  15. Whenever I've seen mention of a die marker it's in relation to the small striations left behind after a die is re-polished to extend life. OP did provide some pics of some of them on the coin he has which is helpful but then it's a whole other level of investigation to try to track down known die markers for a year. It's not my area of expertise at all, but I imagine it's easier on older coinage where less dies were used to meet demand.