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  1. For sure Wyoming is the ugliest state quarter ! Florida , Ohio , Texas are on my list of ugly quarters as well … Nevada tops them for most detailed worked , probably best looking one out of all state quarters
  2. Not to get off topic but last week I was at food store for longtime since I’ve seen someone use a checkbook to pay for food not to odd or rare to me I still use checks to pay my bills and mail them out with a stamp! … Few people up in front of me were in their 20’s shaking their heads rolling their eyes at an elderly lady for writing a check out for her food … I just wanted to tap the younger people’s shoulders and say “you know she probably has a better managed bank account with money in it than you’ll ever have!” … I’ve seen these youngsters come up with their Apple watches , IPhones beep beep beep to pay for stuff never ask for a receipt . I’ve been behind few using their credit cards and iPhones to find out they had Non-Sufficient fund ! Talk about an embarrassment in a store
  3. Digital grading its missing a tiny digital pixel on the obverse Grade (DMS 99.4) DMS digital mint state
  4. We’re moving into a new ‘era’ time to raise the grading scale to MS/PF 100 get ready to learn how to grade/collect cryptocurrency. 🤔
  5. Doesn’t look like 3-1/2 legged to me either . Although color looks off looks almost like environmental damage or if it was dipped in an acid long ago not washed off properly ?
  6. Careful now , don’t fluff the the rooster 🐓
  7. Sorry if I sounded mean . Wasn’t trying to be , lately on here there been numerous of questions about same thing you just asked about “U” and “V” on peace dollars and standing liberty quarter …. Some new people come on here ask us for advice they literally turn into a aggressive poster that won’t accept anyone’s advice on here literally wasted some of members time on here even replying to their post …if you stick around and read some of these newbie post from time to time you’ll see what I’m talking about … some members literally stopped helping some of the newer members with questions because of that reason alone… today with power of internet there’s countless articles written on peace dollars you don’t even have to go to a library anymore , lots and lots of information out there VS what we had back in the old days going to libraries and reading up on information … your coin is cool it came from your mom I’d would keep it , welcome to the forums hope you pick up the coin collecting hobby like rest of us have.
  8. Alright I’ll do your homework for you a simple google would of bought it up … some believe it’s Latin , there is no “U” in Latin , during that period of time when peace dollars and standing liberty quarters were minted it’s was Deco period they used “V” instead of “U” … some also believe the “V” was used for Victory after WW1 .
  9. The “V” is normal in peace dollars and as well as on standing Liberty quarters … grade ? is Melt value its pretty beat up
  10. I don’t want to look at it too closely , might start seeing fuzzy doubling will add more unnecessary value to this special specimen
  11. Probably only worth melt value , the fancy fake knock off authentication doesn’t contribute any value for it either
  12. Even if it was an error , world error coins carry little to no premium . Unlike a U.S coins . Error coin collecting is a U.S fetish … I’ve seen tons of errors and double dies and off stuck world coins nobody cared
  13. If you want a book about world coins look into Krause world coin book … those books are size of an old phone book. Some dealers only deal in US coinage only they don’t know much about world coins. World coins are definitely cool some are worth something and some ain’t worth anything . I myself changed over and left my US coin collection behind about 10-12 years ago I mostly focus and collect on old/modern German coinage
  14. You can do this everyday asking if something is collectible , everything is collectible if one put their heart and mind to it …. Now worthiness? That only learned by doing research if you ask on here a lot and not do your homework eventually folks are going to get tired answering it over and over on here . Seems like a lot new people on here are only worried about if something is worth $$$$ instead of really learning the history of numismatic and why we collect numismatic , YouTube ! And others lame videos have ruined this hobby over last several years . Every new person thinks they have double die or some rare “needle in hay sack” coin when it’s not … But if you stick around on here and wanna take collecting a little serious and buy coins that are worth money you’ll learn a lot on here from some of us who been doing it for many years
  15. Can probably soak the heavy dirty ones in acetone Verdigris can be removed with acetone soaking . Just Hope for the best that’s all you can do. Sadly a lot coin collections were ruined like this everyday from bad storage methods for many years
  16. Only thing that may remove that is soaking in acetone , or dipping it … I would return it to the seller it’s his problem
  17. I see it this way , what they are “worth” and what someone is willing to pay is two different things to talk about … there are some people out there with some deep pockets they can buy the whole thing $2895 not even blink an eye or even look for a better deal else where … that would be like my boss who is worth $85 million , to him this would be peanut money to drop to get them all on one deal at $2895 … I don’t think the high rollers waste their time on smaller average Joe stuff … me I would sit back and see how market goes I bet it will drop and cool off after awhile in a year or so
  18. @Quintus Arrius only thing I can think that come up with is other countries don’t have a large competitive collector’s society like we do here in U.S.A we are truly the only country that is picky about the grading of our coin probably because it’s a money driven market . To them it looks “good enough” to be an upper MS coin , but to a US collector he/she is looking for ultimate best of the best coin to send in for grading and bragging rights (we became too picky and hooked on US “TPG” standards) so it takes a lot more of “nicer” coin to impress us . I’ve talked to a few dealers overseas some of them consider us American coin collectors an “odd bunch” or “too picky” maybe so maybe not so .
  19. Agree, Ron does keep a healthy inventory of German coins , he’s my main go to guy for old German state coins I’ve purchased a good handful of coins off him over the years never been disappointed . He just updated his website like month or two ago … sometimes he finds some hard to find stuff few times. He really knows his stuff when it comes to German coinage
  20. @Fenntucky Mike the only one I recognize I’ve seen a few times when a dealer was describing a coin was “Spiegelglanz” to describe strike for proofs . “Gut” ? We know that means Good German I haven’t seen it used when I was buying coins . However their is a gentleman name Ron Guth who is very knowledgeable in German coinage and history he has network of German dealers he deals with he also has nice website if anyone interested in collecting german coinage or wants to browse through and see some history. I’ve only been collecting German coins for last 10 years both raw and graded . I’m learning something new every year as I read more and more. https://germancoins.com (Edit after researching) after looking at words you provided Are more like to point out describing the coin but not really a grade description other than “Gut” would describe a coin graded in good condition Spiegelglanz (meaning mirrors surfaces) Prägefrisch (meaning fresh from the mint) Gering erhalten (meaning low received) Gut (meaning good)
  21. I never knew some countries don’t have a grade for AU coins I find that a little odd (maybe they don’t recognize AU coins) . So they either grade it into the EF category or UNC. category? All these years I’ve never noticed that
  22. Here’s another I found with few more countries and how they do grading .