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  1. That was a very moving journal you wrote and there was many things that I can relate to from having papers published to being a workaholic as well as spending a great deal of time on my collections. I always wonder ,,like the plaque you mentioned in your journal will my collections of things and awards be dumbed in some dumpster or disregarded as anything of any value or worth to anyone....and I don't mean monetary worth but a value that is based upon me as a individual,,,, a person of worthiness?
  2. Your coins came out very good. I bought Mark Goodman's book some time ago but really have not got around to buying the camera and other equipment .....but I do have a really nice camera stand that my friend gave me...we use it to photograph fossils for publication Now I just need to get the other stuff...hopefully in the near future.
  3. Thank you.....The 70 Krona I figured a 63-64 and the 50 Aurar at 67 being 68 is a hard grade to get. I'm starting to get rather good at this.... But the two 73's krona's because of the subdued luster i figured the both would have come back 64's.maybe 65's at best.
  4. Thank you .... A yes very happy with the grades I got....
  5. Here are some new coins I added to my Icelandic sets.
  6. I know what you mean about having to look at the coin in hand to determent the grade from photo and it can be very difficult. I got rather good at it over the past 17 years of searching on ebay and other sites as long as the seller has good photos . what I hate is when these auction houses in Europe post pictures of coins using some kind of photo technique that hide the luster of the coin...they almost look like a animation of the coin and can be very deceiving.. I guess they do this on purpose in order to hind the true appearance of the coin. What kind of coins are you looking for ...The U.S.. auction houses like Heritage and Stacks has great amount of foreign coins that come up for auction. I would give them a try.
  7. Well it looks like sellers will not be able to list there coins on ebay if they are going to used time payments in there listings for the coins there going to list. IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT EBAY IS GOING TO STOP THE SALE OF COIN'S.....You just going to pay in full at the time of sale.
  8. THANK YOU....I may look at hundreds of each type or year for each coins and about 70 percent of them I found on ebay. Some of the coins in this submission I've had for over 14 years like the 10 Aurar's and the 50 Kronur's and the others anywhere from 10 to one year ago. and the 1957 1 Krona I found about 3 weeks ago on ebay. Once in a while someone puts up a good one. Why do you have to go to another country to see the coin's you are looking for ...that must be really hard or expensive to do.
  9. These are the results of my recent submission ....Very happy with the grades I received. I'm still in a bit of disbelieve about finding a 1957 1 Krona in such great condition a MS-66.... It makes me wonder what other gems are out there.
  10. Thank you buddy ... I was supposed to have had this fixed some four months ago but covid got in the way.
  11. Thank you .....I did get the results from the express tier and the 1966 2 kronur thick planchet got a MS-65 and the 2000 Gold 10,000 Kronur got a PF 69 Ultra Cameo. I will try to post pictures but its rather hard right now since my right arm is in a sling from a surgery I just had.
  12. OHHHH YEAAAA They certainly stole the idea from the Canadians I too was never aware they did this but then I don't collect Canadian coins.
  13. Back on June 2nd I submitted 21 Icelandic Coin for grading that I have collected for a number of years and finally decided to have them graded and did very well with them. I also mentioned that I had around 30 more to send in as well . Its been nearly 3 months now and I sent in a total of 22 more coins.... Most of these coins are from the Republic era that span from 1946 to 1980. What I sent in was a bunch of 10 Aurar from 65 to 73 a few 1 Krona 61 70, 71, both 73's and to my delight a newly acquired ...last week.... a beautiful Gem 1957 1 Krona I sent one in 3 months back and it came home a MS63 which I was happy with because it had a light fingerprint ..this year and the 57 is very very hard to find in MS UNC ...But the new 57 is in incredible condition and it will not surprise me if it gets a MS66 . and the other coins I got after the last submission is a 1959 5 Aurar and again the last one only got a 63 but this one should get a least a 65 These late 50's coins are really tough to find in very nice condition....I just got lucky The other coins are a 50 Aurar and a 66 2 Kronur normal planchet and 5 Kronur and a few 10 and 50 Kronur coins that should all grade around the MS 64 to 66 But The best two are the 1966 Thick Planchet 2 Kronur and the 2000 10,000 Kronur Gold Comm in ultra cameo... I had both of these coins for years but about seven years ago I sold all my Icelandic Comm's because I needed cash and the only one I didn't have was the 1961 Jon Proof ...But a friend in Iceland did come across one that he sold at auction and got over $5000 for it and if I had the money It would have been in my collection...Boyyy The up and downs of collecting ....Its madding As you can imagine it has been very costly to replace all these coins but its finished now and that makes me happy again..... I will post the results when I get them ...I did send in the 66 and 2000 gold in Express Tier and they got them today....This coming Friday.........I hope
  14. I remember....MikeKing Idhair TomB Truth Teller Beijim and BushMan