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  1. The answer to the why is I love the cool design on this super early piece. Yes it does. It represents 12 Marion Gros: Gloria might have a stake in the claim too not at all sure about her. That’s Fred on the other side.
  2. I’ve wanted one of these for more years than I can count.
  3. Looks to be a cud. Not sure but a cool , Lincoln
  4. I love the look of this beautiful Franklin 👍. The photography is also very well done👌
  5. Great film clip. I have had the privilege of visiting the granite Lady a few times and it’s always been an interesting visit. Thanks for sharing
  6. I’ve met, Brett and I found him to be a genuine nice guy. I was the guest of honor at a dinner at the FUN show and we talked coins for a while. He knows his stuff I can tell you that. I’m sorry to hear he’s stepping down.
  7. Thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment. I put my heart into my photography. I’ll image coins for people the way I’d like my own coins imaged. I very much enjoy macro photography and I love coin collecting. They do go hand in hand very well. It’s like a hobby within a hobby for me as I have been a shutterbug and coin collector pretty much my entire life and man I’m old . Thanks again, Joe-AKA Buffalhead, AKA crazyhounddog
  8. Another type 1 to add to my pile. I picked this one up because of the strike and the surface quality. It’s raw but it doesn’t matter. I see it as a 65+. It’s struck from the hammer from hell. Needle sharp details on this one and very close to blemish free. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
  9. I have both from the good ole days. I want these to go with them.