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The wait is over - the grades are posted!



Before sharing the results of my NGC submission, I want to thank those who reached out to me during my hiatus. It meant a lot to me that so many not only noticed that I was absent but took the time to check in on me. As some of you know, our lives were temporarily derailed due to a sudden passing of a beloved family member. From there, life got super busy, and with everything going on, coins were the last thing on my mind. A few big things have happened since my journal entry in December: I finished my Ph.D., accepted a full-time faculty position at an R1 University, we inherited a house allowing us to move closer to family, and my wife landed a new job (with a five-figure pay raise!). Despite all of that, the best news is that our family will grow by one in December!!! Although it is perhaps a bit early, I have already started brainstorming ideas to get the kiddo involved in numismatics down the road. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

I hope to be more active here now that life is slowly returning to normal. On any note, I have a major NGC submission update to share. The last of the submissions shipped out last week, meaning I finally got to see how they graded. I have already shared a few of these, but to keep things simple, I included them here to compliment the original journal entry (link to original thread).


1799 Great Britain proof Farthing with shells – Ex. Matthew Boulton

NGC grade: PF-63 BN 


“1791” France Jean Jacques Rousseau Medal – Ex. Matthew Boulton

NGC grade: MS-64 BN


1800(11) Westminster Fire Office Medal with shells and wrapper – Ex. James Watt Jr. Collection

NGC grade: MS-66 BN


1805 Ireland proof Penny with shells

NGC grade: PF-64 RB


1793 Board of Agriculture Medal with shells and wrapper – Ex. James Watt Jr. Collection

NGC grade: MS-67 BN


1800 George III Preserved from Assassination Medal with shells

NGC grade: MS-66 BN


1803 Boydell's National Edition of Shakespeare's Works with shells

NGC grade: MS-62


1793 Death of Gustavus III medal with shells

NGC grade: MS-66 BN


1793 Execution of Louis XVI of France – Final farewell medal with shells

NGC grade: MS-66 BN

This submission included several other items, but I either do not have an image of them, or it was just a reholder. Overall, I am pleased with the grades. Most of these are top pops, many three or more grade points higher than their counterparts. The only thing left to do now is patiently wait for USPS to deliver them! 



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I'm glad to see you back and I am sorry for your loss. As for your grades, they are awesome. Even more awesome is the eye appeal of all your medals. They are all in excellent condition, and yours maybe the only collection of its kind. Congratulations on the little one on the way. My first grandson was born a year ago on July 4 and it's been a pure joy to see him grow in his first year. I just can't express how much I love that little guy! BTW excellent photographs! Gary

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Thanks, Mike and Gary! We are both overjoyed about the baby. We have know for several months, but it still seems surreal. This is the first grandchild for both of our parents so they are just excited. 

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Sorry to hear about your loss.  The new addition to the family in December is a great way to close-out the year.  I wish for an uneventful delivery and a healthy happy baby.

Your coins and medals are superb.  Great eye appeal and photos just lovely.  Thanks for sharing, and I wish you all the luck!

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...kiddos into numismatics, no problem...having had 6 kiddos im a pro...they all started out liking shiny things, but as they entered their teen years their preference was for the kind u buy things with, this quickly escalated...(currency seemed to prevail over coins?)....now its mostly bars n ingots from the monarchy of Bullionia....easy peasy...

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Sorry to hear of your loss - fortunately memories don't really disappear and nice reminders are everywhere.

Many congratulations on the little one and the job. My kids had a giant world map on the wall and I would buy bulk world coins lots and they would stick them on the map - bit difficult for countries that no longer exist xD This covered a bit of geography, a bit of history and all based on coins - they still pick dates and commemorative issues out of their change!

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Absolutely superb coins and medals and wonderful pics/presentation. Congrats on the upcoming birth. I got my granddaughter interested in numismatics with simple purchase and display of things she loved. She did a school report on Tanzania, so I bought her a Tanzania coin with a beautiful butterfly on it. We went to Disney, and I got her a Mickey Mouse coin-- I also got her a Spiderman coin since that's her favorite superhero.

She has always been an animal lover, so I started her a themed set of "bear coins". She has a shelf displaying the Spiderman, Mickey and Tanzania coin in her room. The bear collection is too large to display but we pull them out occasionally and she likes to go through them. Now she says that wolves are her favorite animal so I might have to get her a few of those too...

Again, congrats on great coins/grades, your new home ( being closer to family is a blessing) and your wife's new job also! 

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