If only I found this a bit earlier!



When typing out the write-ups for the Soho medals, I always do my best to include images of supporting items I own; however, that is not always possible. For instance, when writing up the Boydell Shakespeare medal (you can read about it here), I used the frontispiece to Boydell's 1797 edition of Shakespeare's Works, but this was an open-source image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Despite searching for a genuine period example for my collection of antique paper, I could not locate an example already separated from its binding, so I decided to discontinue the search. I saved the search on my computer, and during one of my insomnia-driven buying sprees, I just happened to come across an example. By some miracle, I won it for the opening bid! I plan to have it professionally framed, but it will make an excellent example to pair with my wife's growing collection of antique Shakespeare books and fully complements the medal bearing the same design in my collection. Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. I didn't have the time to break out my good camera, so I used my phone.


This month has been extraordinary for my numismatic ephemera collection as I finally tracked period copies of a document that I have been trying to find for nearly the last five years! I plan to do a separate write-up on those acquisitions very soon.

So, are there any other oddballs like me that also collect stuff somewhat related to your numismatic pursuits?



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Yes there are! I have a typed letter signed by Laura Gardin Fraser concerning her sculpted abutments for the Roosevelt Bridge in Washington DC. Incidentally, these were never installed and are rumored to be stored in a government warehouse someplace. Gary


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That was an interesting read that I would otherwise never discovered, so thanks, Gary, for sharing! It is interesting to see that politics interrupted her work, but I suppose she was no stranger to that type of thing during her time. So this mystery remains unsolved all these years? I can’t help but wonder if or when these abutments will show up.

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