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  1. Yes, I will be sending in my old inserts. I like to keep the census/populations reports as accurate as I can.
  2. This coin is now crossed over to an NGC holder in the same grade.
  3. Well I am an avid collector of Belgian Congo coins from the beginning (1887) to 1999. There are a numerous overdates in this series. Given the condition of your piece, it would not be worth much of any premium. Now if it was mint state it could be worth a decent price. That being said, there are two overdates that I am aware of for this date, 1925/3 and 1925/4.
  4. This is an awesome achievement my friend! Congratulations!!!
  5. A very rare copper pattern from the John Jay Pittman collection. I bought this myself via mail bid from the August 6-8, 1999 sale. A beautiful coin and an almost never encountered pattern.
  6. Belgian Congo 1947 5 Francs NGC MS65. Only three graded this high at NGC with one higher. Check out my complete Belgian Congo Collection in the Custom Sets. "Best World Set" for 2014
  7. Who needs an extra hole? 1888 1 Centime Double Hole Punch Error PCGS MS66RB. A tremendously cool error in top notch grade. Likely a unique error. It does show that the holes were punched after the coins were struck. This is a magnificent treasure that will now grace my Belgian Congo collection, where it will find good company with other rarities and gems. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.