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  1. Thank you, glad there is a reason.
  2. Shipped coins to NGC to be graded. My USPS tracking number indicates that they arrived at your company on 10/2/2020. I still do not see them listed on My Submission. Could someone please contact me to determine if you have my submitted coins. Thank you
  3. Something different from our friends in the north.
  4. Are PCGS graded coins allowed in custom sets? I am interested in starting a Canada, Victoria, 1858 Circulation Issue Coins.
  5. Ali, Thank you for doing a great job responding to our requests, Happy New Year!
  6. Ali, Could you also add a slot for the following sets: Silver Type Set, 1858-1968, Circulation Issue Dollars Type Set, 1935-Date, Circulation Issue Canada - Elizabeth II Type Set, 1953-Date, Circulation Issue