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  1. Now that is what collector's, like me, like to hear. Not saying a dip is all that bad but a nice original BU goes over good.
  2. Just my personal opinion but it's getting harder to find 'nice' silver coins that haven't had a dip.
  3. I wonder what machine shop this was made in.
  4. When in doubt and need top quality American Eagles just pick up your phone and call Rosland Capital. Ask for William Devane; he will fix you right up.
  5. Absolutely 100% correct. The Morgan - Peace Dollar is the perfect example of the US Mint's all hype and no show. I half expected another States Quarters fiasco that would run for year after year. The United States Mint - may it rest in peace.
  6. Sounds like a great project; get the family involved.
  7. Oh great and wise Crypto Currency holders have no fear of a collapse. I'm told that a little cream and sugar and it tastes just like Shredded Wheat,
  8. Bill, there is shipping, insurance, cost of packaging, etc and the costs NGC stipulates. If you're not beginning to collect Walkers I'd settle for either a flip or a small, cheap holder or an album where it will tone up.
  9. The sellers, who purchased from the US Mint in droves, can set their on prices and there is nothing to convince them to do other wise. The fact they are getting these prices today is astounding. I bought two, 2021 P & 2021 CC: The CC came back MS 70 and the P came back MS 69. * * Probably because the TPG felt sorry for me. I wouldn't call it a 69 by any means. A lot of coins should have been sent to melt.
  10. There are a fair amount of coin supply outfits that can provide nice, but inexpensive, means of displaying your coin. It doesn't have to be expensive to be nice. What ever you decide. Just enjoy that find.
  11. And that is why I wait for someone like you to come along. I cannot grade, nor evaluate, or tell a counterfeit from a brick if it fell on my head I also 'assume' both are valuable and the two people posing prior to me appear to very much know what they are talking about.. Wasn't being a smart alex but I place a lot of faith in NGC & PCGS. .