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  1. VKurtB didn't like it and said mean things. He used to be so nice when he lived in Pennsylvania.
  2. PS: I don't think they will give you a 64+ but if they do - Big Money.
  3. @Deiter If that were my coin I would carefully crack it out of that holder and send it Raw to either NGC or PCGS. Why I say "crack it out" is: I believe graders when they see these 'Basement TPGs' have a tendency to grade lower. Now you've got maybe a $300.00 to $600.00 coin, according to the NGC Price Guide. I would send it in and if that is Artificial Toning they will tell you. Your choice and good luck.
  4. If you 'Dip' it you will lose all that toning. National Numismatic Certification isn't all that reliable. MS64+ would cross (NGC or PCGS) as MS 63 or 62.
  5. @gmarguli There is one sell on EBay saying his will arrive Oct 9 and One seller saying his (D) will arrive Oct 23. Don't know how reliable this is.
  6. Let's see a pic. JKK and Mohawk will help you make this decision.
  7. Well, not much has changed in the past couple of days but I guess there wasn't as much enthusiasm as I expected. Over ATS, which I thought would have 'hundreds' commenting on this, it turned out to be a fizzle. 10 comments on the 2021 Morgan Dollar and only a weak 2 on the 2021 Peace Dollar. Complaints about order quantities being changed; typical business technique of the US Mint. Plenty of big time postings on EBay; if one is willing to pay a thousand plus dollars. Some dealers are willing to accept Bitcoin for those endeared by Crypto Currency. So, a hearty good luck to all.
  8. I know what you think you're seeing. I see it to but..............You would have to research to see if there is a 1947 D/S but according to the PCGS Price Guide there's a 47D and a 47S but no D/S. Sorry. Keep up the hunt.
  9. What you say has a lot to do with the OP. When, not if, the US Dollar goes digital we will be in for a ride then. Bullseye on the 'Heathen Chinee'.
  10. That is about what Pinehurst Coins, dealt with for years, is selling to Type 2 for. Type 1 for $39.50.
  11. Woolrich Wollen Mill in the village of Woolrich. When I was young it was the go to place for a hunting coat. There was none finer; warm and water proof. Today everything is 'Made in China'. Breaks my heart. Don't know if your getting 'Keepers' or going for the resale. Either way it appears as of now you will make a decent profit. They are not budging an inch on EBay.
  12. Neither am but unfortunately it is the only 'game' in town. When the US kicked the Gold Standard and then the Silver Standard we were doomed to wind up with worthless paper. I'm also surprised that the Yuan hasn't become the big money worldwide. Everything is electronic today. Credit/Debit Cards, Direct Deposit, etc. May as well get rid of the paper.
  13. On EBay at this very moment. Mint charges $85.00 for 1 ounce of Silver that most dealers charge $40.00. I'd say some folks are gonna be happy sellers. 2021 CC MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR WITH CC PRIVY MARK *Confirmed Order* Lot of 5 Price US $1,625.00 $85.00 at the Mint = $340.00 not a bad profit huh?