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  1. The average person is not very intelligent. Statistically, half the world is dumber than that average person. Lots of people will bid thousands of dollars on a coin when they think they are smarter than others. I bet few of these are returned. The buyers do zero research to see if the seller potentially knows what they are doing. This seller is a full time coin dealer who advertises as being a PCGS, NGC, CAC dealer. Why isn't this coin certified and selling for multiples of what it will sell for raw? They have 162 feedback revisions on eBay. That's 162 times a negative or neutral feedback was removed. My favorite wording from their auctions: IF YOU CHOOSE TO SEND AN ITEM TO A THIRD PARTY GRADING SERVICE YOU FORFEIT THE RIGHT TO RETURN THE ITEM FOR A REFUND.
  2. So it looks like basically every modern commemorative since the 1990 Eisenhower when the mint perfected the lifeless surface look.
  3. My CC "shipped today" according to the mint. Label created according to UPS.
  4. Mine too. I wonder if they are planning on shipping them all together.
  5. My CC order moved to processing today and the Mint hit my credit card for them. Leaves only the Philadelphia and Peace left.
  6. The D & S mint ones have changed from Backordered to Processing.
  7. I'm not a fan of crypto. It's a scam where the only value it has comes from the bigger fool. The money supply is controlled by the governments. Why would they allow real competition? Right now it's kids playing with small amounts, but if it ever became a threat, the governments would stamp it out quickly. Besides, why do I need another digital currency? I have US dollars. I can pay anyone electronically in a matter of seconds. Crypto just adds unnecessary risks.
  8. And while you guys are fixing it, stop having it auto log us out after a week. Super annoying to be logged out in the middle of reading or worse, when trying to reply and then losing everything you wrote because the system decided to log you out!
  9. I wonder if the sun would shine a little better for collectors if they bothered to educate themselves before buying? Counterfeiters may suck, but they only get away with it because collectors insist on remaining uneducated.
  10. This. It looks slightly off, but nothing that jumps out screaming counterfeit. If authentic, it's a $2,500+ coin.
  11. The S, D, & P Morgans and the Peace are being minted at their respective mints. The CC & O are being minted at Philadelphia since those mints no longer have working equipment.
  12. Other than the CC version which is selling for around $400, they seem to be selling for around $175-$200 each raw. Prices are down 25%+ from their highs. Figure 65% of these are going to grade MS70. So you could buy a set on eBay and slab them for around $1500. Even if you were unlucky and got some MS69s, you could still buy replacements and have spent less. Personally, I'd wait. The Mint is going to start shipping them any day now. Once that happens they are going to flood eBay and we will see what their actual value is. Do you remember the 2001 Buffalo $? Everyone wanted one and the price skyrocketed. What originally sold for $50(?) was selling for $300-$400. Today you can buy one for $100. Not much more than the cost of a current commem from the Mint.