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Images of George III on coinage and medals seem to trace fairly well his progression from pudgy youth to heavy-set jowly adult. Here's an exception which makes me chuckle. It is a 49mm bronze medal produced in 1802 to commemorate peace with France and depicts George (who was in his 60's) as Britannia!



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Thanks, Rey. No idea what the birds are. They do look like vultures holding something in their beaks... Really like this piece - nice clean fields and an even dull tone all over.


Nice coin TwoK they look like condors. (thumbs u

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But my favourite recent acquisition is the 2007 Subscription coin, a recreation of the most valuable coin (4 pounds) in Australia's proclamation of 1800. The 1732 Gold Johanna, or 12800 Reis





Don't anyone dare try to outbid me May24-28 2008 GOLDBERGS have a genuine one of these.. its even the right date :wishluck: :wishluck: :wishluck:

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There have been some cool coins posted here which were overstruck on

other coins. Here's a Yorkshire halfpenny Conder token of 1792 overstruck

on a Cheshire token of 1790. (The bottom images have been lightened

and rotated to more clearly show the undertype.)








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wow! Yarm and Rare Sov are my heros! lol!


I haven't posted much lately, but here are a few new-ish ones to my collection:


1885 Sol, just got back from NGC recently (MS64)





this one just went off to NGC this week..........




oh, and this Crown is also visiting NGC this week.........




have a great weekend everyone!



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With all the darkside auctions going on here and abroad, I'm sure there will be a lot

of "wins" posted in the next week. Let me kick it off with a medal I was pleased to pick up

in the Heritage token and medals sale. BHM 161 - copper medal of 1772 at 41mm.



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Why do you guys call them darkside auctions ? :D
Several years ago, over on the PC** boards, the term "darkside" for non-US coins was initiated - along with "liteside" for US and "greyside" for Canadian - and the usage has spread throughout the internet coin community. :D
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This is the 1868 Sovereign I posted images of.. seen here scanned in a flip. Has since been sent to NGC hoping for a 64 :D While I'm on :cloud9: waiting for it to be graded, any guesses at what NGC will give it are welcome!






Contact marks are mainly the bunch on the reverse above the bow, otherwise only some very light ones !

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Rare Sov,


Nice looking Sovereign. Based on what I can view in the images I would say a MS 63. A very nice looking coin.


Thanks for showing,



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