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Fabulous coin Yarm, I think that is the 2006 edition of Canada's Tall Ships series--"The Ketch"....I think the partial hologram is a great medium for the ship themed coins. Just a slight tilt and it seems to change the whole mood/feel of the coin. I just sent away the 2007 for slabbing at NGC, I'll post a pick when it gets back...but for now, here's the 2005 "Three Masted Ship".....




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nice ship coins jackson! those are just wonderfull !


here is a couple i picked up lately. 1 is from munkyman and the other is from criag( budy at unknown store ).









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I normally stick with old, round, metal things but this old, oval, metal thing might come in handy

if there is ever a Druid meeting in my area! W. Churchill reportedly belonged to Lodge 59 so

I'd expect their meetings to be smoky and unpleasant. ;)MergedDruidbadge18612.jpg

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that's an excellent point yarm...I also wondered about the legality of owning coins from Cuba--I mean if you can get in trouble for buying their cigars...'s a nice little find I just got's an 1859 Danish West Indies 5C piece..I bought it for about $10 (thinking I overpaid) because it is even smaller than a US dime--was surprised that Krause lists it at $30 in XF..this is a very small coin do you think the tiny rim ding would preclude NGC from holdering it for me..I'd like to put it in my signature set of ship themed coins. I've never had a rim ding coin before that I felt was still worth purchasing..any input would be great



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My latest acquisition is a book which my daughter just sent me - The Silver Dollars of Africa, by John S. Davenport, published in 1959 by Whitman.


Except for a few marked "very rare", the highest valued coin shown was KM#3, at $25. (Now listed at F-$300 to Unc-$1,270!)




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Cool find Dooly! I'm sure it would look better with some professional attention but I

suspect it would look better with just a good soak at home as well. Here's a medal with before

and after images and a bit of "Care".







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I dont' mind paying a bit of a premium for a cased medal

if the case has kept it in great condition. Here's another

Wiener medal, this time Charles Wiener, who. like Jacques

Wiener shows a talent for displaying perspective.









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About 15 years ago I picked up a colorful 8-piece Maundy set, primarily for the pretty florin and half crown.

Just came across the 4 pence and thought it had some decent color in its own right, so here is my latest

acquisition of images!






Graded PF65 by the long defunct International Numismatic Grading Service.

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actually I just got a big batch back from slabbing at NGC--also purchased a 4 coin set called voyages into history or something like that--with famous ships and explorers.....but the one I really wanted to share was this simple 1933 Chinese "Junk Dollar"..........what the heck, here's a rare 1948 2 Fcs find from StPierre &Miquelon also





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