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These architectural beauties appear with some regularity on Ebay (with all the

attendent risks). It was nice to be able to select a few nicer ones at the recent

NYInt coin show. Here's J. Wiener's Cathedral at Aachen with a very distinctive

interior view.




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According to the Ben Weiss site,


"Aachen is not a cathedral in the customary use of the word as Aachen was not a seat of a bishop."


Nevertheless, I'm sticking with "cathedral" for these big church thingies! ;)


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Settled in and reread most of the WYNTK threads this weekend (highly recommended!) including

the terrific articles on coins photography. I had put away my axial lighting setup when I finished

with proof coins but was reminded how well it can work with proof and prooflike pieces. This penny

token I came across in NY looks pretty blah headon but comes alive with the fields illuminated

with axial lighting.



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There have been a few auctions recently where one-sided strikes of medals have been

described as "cliches". This one is actually a bit paler and pinker than the image

suggesting a dip or an alloy with which I'm not familiar. Nevertheless, after a bit of searching,

I found the medal to which it relates - a 1700 Swedish medal of Karl XIII. (which sold for $1900 at auction.)

It would be nice to have the reverse as well but the EBayer selling these things over the

last couple of months is all out! :(





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I had never heard of or seen these before, but came across them and thought they were an interesting sort of "crossover" collectible.


I think they could be interesting to collectors of:


1. Australian coins

2. Bullion collectors (silver bullion)

3. State Quarter coin collectors

4. Any or all of the above!


They're Australian Kookaburra coins, with U.S. State Quarter "privy" marks, so they actually have images of what would be to them a foreign coin on the face of their coin. I just think that's kinda wild, and just goes to show the impact that the State Quarter Program had on coin collecting.


That said, NGC graded these quickly. The World Modern coins seem to move faster than U.S. submissions. Anyway... take a look. I got them all at once, raw, and was lucky in that most of them graded MS69, with just ONE at an MS69. I paid a fair price considering the bullion prices these days, so I can live with it.


I included what are actually the reverses, even though NGC thoughtfully makes them the obverse in the slabs since they are the subjects of interest. I added ONE photo of the obverse, the effigy of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II


With the various collectible "angles" of these coins, I thought they were find anyway.







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I asked Santa to send it to me, and I got it, and I sent it to NGC to be graded -- the 25th Anniversary of the Libertad coin from Mexico.


I was REALLY hoping for a 70 coin, but then don't we all?


However, I got a lovely PF69 Ultra Cameo, here we go: :cloud9:



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Nice ones again.


Rare Sov,


Another nice Sovereign I have not had any of my Jubilees graded yet, I believe mine to be MS 60 or so, congrats.




NIce PL there, need any other Canadians?




Very nice images of those coins, how did you produce those, a scanner?





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This mule set is my 2nd.. the entire pop of mules at NGC are submitted by me (one at 55 for someone else, rest are mine at 55 55 55 63, only its not UNC. Great mule though, as is one of the 55's, the one in my first 3 coin set)



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Very nice images of those coins, how did you produce those, a scanner?





Thanks, but I cannot take credit. Because these coins were "unique" to me, not just a state quarter or just a silver eagle or something fairly "common" to my collection, I opted for the NGC $3 per coin Internet Imaging fee. (thumbs u They've improved their photos though, I can swear to that, and I think these photos speak to some decent quality. I have some from a period of time last year -- I call them "the dark days" of NGC imaging.


So, truth be told, those images are the photos provided courtesy (well, for a price) of NGC -- better than I could have done, which was why I paid for it for this batch of coins.


Mike aka Bully

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Besides co-authoring "The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century" (D&H) with

Richard Dalton, Mr. Hamer had a series of tokens produced at the turn of the 20th century.

This one is in aluminum with edge "TIME.ADDS.A.VALUE.TO.THIS.TOKEN.RARE.



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