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A Toned 1988 Maple Leaf - Effects from sitting in a desk drawer for several years apparently. The nearly vertical lines are not scratches or wipe marks.








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Have finally added a PROPER Type II Sydney Mint coin to my collection


CH UNC she's a beauty and should slab an almighty MS64 or better *fingers crossed*





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I need to find my old college German text to figure out the inscriptions on this piece

but I thought this half dollar size jetton was kinda neat!




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By what I can remember here are some of the words,


Pour, my, brother, with, hunger - not proper tense, arrangement, meaning etc.


Do not delay God's ???????????


More, Plenty of, a lot of Beer


Nice coin by the way too.



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found this hunting pounds of world coins :) dont know what it is but its from 1854






with a posable doubled mint mark????


sorry very dark coin and only a scan

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See this page for more information


Seems to be known as a HUNGER or HUNGERSNOT ? (lol)


Yours is down a bit, type 5


Medaille auf die Hungersnot 1816/1817

Messing versilbert 33 mm, 12.8 gr.

AV: Eine Mutter sitz nach rechts auf einem Stein, hält ein Kind im rechten Arm, vor ihr steht ein weiteres Kind an sie gelehnt und hält die Hand bittend zur Mutter. Legende: O GIEB MIR BROD MICH HUNGERT., im Abschnitt: IETTON, am Fuss des Steins: "Stettner" (Medailleur aus Bayern)

RV: Aus den Wolken hängt eine Waage, in der linken Schale ein Gewichtsstein, darunter 1&3L, in der rechten Schale Korn, darunter 12.KR, zwischen den Schalen: 1 MAAS BIER / 8 1/2 KR, auf der Standlinie liegt ein Anker und eine Garbe Korn, links und rechts davon Getreidehaufen. Legende: VERZAGET NICHT - GOTT LEBET NOCH., im Abschnitt: 1816.U 1817. / L



Translation of that page with google is here


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Google translated:


Medals to hunger emergency and Theuerung 1771/1773 and 1816/1817


In our time coined/shaped by the abundance, only few humans use thoughts to the terrible hunger emergencies of that time. It was reported at that time on the fact that in the Appenzellerland hungernden humans on the meadows dried up dug for grass roots. From the hunger time of distress even still another prescription of a May beetle soup is delivered. Maikäfer and many other insects have a high content of proteins and fats, which were partly also used by darbenden humans. The prescription, of me personally tested and after own Gusto refined, can be dispatched gladly on request. The soup mundet excellently. The today's hunger emergencies are far away our civilization and affect few contemporaries. According to some shocking pictures over hunger disasters in Africa, Asia or South America, which are radiated occasionally at the TV, the everyday life with its offer in excess gets us. We bite, push Genüsslich again into the fat sausage something bread after and rinse with appropriate Wohlbehagen with a cool Bierchen or a delicious wine.


These intending medals are able to point out perhaps the problems of the times of distress at that time to something. The fears and emergencies of the population at that time, the argument with over-powerful nature with its climatic fluctuations, all this on the medals one holds. In addition, the Huldigung at God, which the harvest benediction was to be thanked, we find in the pictures. In addition, there the usurers came on Gepräge, which enriched themselves at the distressed population shameless. Impressive also the tin medal, which represents 1773/1774 mouse troubles in Saxonia. Remarkably the putting medal, arranged of the well-known Medailleur T. Stettner, with handkolorierten inserts. For the coinages predominantly cheaper metals were used such as lead, tin or copper/brass. This may be perhaps also a reason that these medals do not find so many lovers, completely to injustice actually, if one regards the beautiful, styleful Design.


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5 Medal on the hunger emergency 1816/1817


Brass silvers 33 mm, 12,8 gr.

AV: A nut/mother seat to the right on a stone, holds a child in the right arm, before it stands a further child leaned to her and keeps the hand pleading to the nut/mother. Putting one: O GIEB ME BROD ME HUNGERT., in the section: IETTON, at the foot of the stone: “Stettner” (Medailleur from Bavaria)

Check valve: From the clouds a balance, in the left bowl a weight stone, hangs under it 1&3L, in the right bowl grain, under it 12.KR, between the bowls: 1 MAAS BEER/8 1/2 KR, on the base line is appropriate an anchor and a sheaf grain, on the left and on the right of it for heaps of grain. Putting one: VERZAGET NON GOD LIVES STILL., in the section: 1816.U 1817. /L



EDIT : whoops actually of course yours is type SIX, just underneath.. Auflage anyone ?


Gleiche Medaille wie Nr 5

Messing versilbert 33 mm, 12.8 gr.

Stempel nachgearbeitet, viele Details feiner geschnitten (Anker, Garbe, Wolken, Schriften usw.), Versilberung massiver, vielleicht 2. Auflage?

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Now you know the exact inscriptions, someone should be able to translate :D






That site is .ch which is Switzerland, is that where its from ? don't know of any online Swiss translators, Google didnt do anything with it as seen above..

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To Ant:


In case this info is still useful to you...


You appear to have a France 10 (dix) centimes coin from 1854. If the coin measures 30mm,

it is a 10 centimes. If it is 25mm, it's a 5 (cinq) centimes. If the mint marked appears to be a doubled B or "BB", it was minted in Strasbourg. If it is only one B, it was minted in Rouen.


Both the 5 and 10 centimes are bronze coins, equaling 1/20 and 1/10 of one franc respectively, similar to the U.S. nickel and dime. The 10 centimes was the largest bronze coin minted in France in that year. 50 centimes to 5 francs were minted in silver.



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I have one of those in VF shape obv/ VG-F shape rev , and according to the 2004 standard catalog of the 19th Century (I checked out of the library) it's worth about $5 or in that range, I looked it up about a week or so ago, myself.


I'm sorting through a bunch of 19th-20th Century french and german coins, I'm thinking of becoming a german 19th Century Thaler collector, since I got a good headstart.

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Just picked up this British Historical Medal #650 (seller's picture)

commemorating George III's 50th year of reign. What attracted

me was the seller's comment that it was overstruck on a coin/medal

of 1803. It'll be fun to see if I can identify what that was!







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