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  1. I dabbled in it for awhile. Was big on the Cardano train. I decided enough was enough about the third time I lost 25% of my portfolio just because of some stupid Elon Musk tweet. And that is not an exaggeration. It's literally that volatile. Controlled by the ultra wealthy (Musk, Mark Cuban is a huge Ethereum holder) and the whales who bought in early enough to have amassed obscene amounts of BTC. That, and the fact that the market NEVER closes was too much stress for me. It was nothing to go to bed up several thousand dollars, and then wake up in the red less that 6 hours later. For no reason other than a tweet.
  2. The only way I see getting your money back on grading is the silver eagle. Label collectors will want it once it hits the NGC registry.
  3. I would hazard a guess that even the most experienced numismatist needed help the first time through the NGC submission form. Not exactly the most user friendly form out there the first time through.
  4. Not to mention both pictures show basically the worst way to handle a coin.
  5. Probably because it does not have a grade assigned to it.
  6. I actually just read a story about it. They would use the dies they use for the platinum eagle. They would just change the date. Link to Story
  7. Here you go. Just print this one off and you are good to go.
  8. They are always that size. They are the designer's initials.
  9. I will never understand this. Let me ask for opinions, but not give all the needed information. SMH.