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  1. Who the heck do you think you are? Did someone make you a moderator or something? If not, just move along.
  2. I lost my 16 year old nephew to cancer. Donated 1, because cancer sucks. And 2, out of spite to QA.
  3. I also wonder which is more. You're "followers", or the number of people who have you on ignore, or the number of people who have joined and left because of your braggadocio and holier than thou persona. Maybe I will just have to ask management, as you often suggest.
  4. It's a sad man who places the value of his worth on the number of followers he has.
  5. It's too large to post them all, but I have the complete set of Somalia elephants, going back to the original Zambia coins the first 5 years, 1999-2004. The collection includes all the privys for the WMF, the ANA, and the lunar privys, and the 2010 reverse of 2009. I don't collect it for any numismatic value, the wife just likes elephants. Although a few of the early Zambia ones are worth quite a bit.
  6. Let's be honest. You made that name up.
  7. Well, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last weekend.
  8. That's simply because most of them are about 75 years old.