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  1. I am having issues with my submissions even showing up when I click on track a submission. Even when I manually type in the submission number it does not show up. Must be having some technical issues.
  2. I thought the same thing but there is no signs of any corrosion or signs of cleaning. It really does appear unaltered even under magnification.
  3. I found this odd looking cent while looking for errors but I am unsure on what has caused this odd look? Appreciate any help.
  4. Requesting a set be made for the Apollo 11 Robbins Medal Restrikes. Coins in my registry would include; 4868638-038 4872425-225 4872424-323 Thanks, MdArndt
  5. I very much disagree that they are different medals. I have attached the COA and it is very clear. They are not different medals. They were simply labeled by NGC differently or incorrectly for some reason or another. I would very much appreciate an explanation as to why your research team thinks they are different when it could not be more clear? Sincerely, MdArndt
  6. I believe some of the medals in the China Covid-19 Medal set are listed more than once. For instance, The 220g, 221g, 222g, and 60mm silver medals are all the same medal. Same for the 59mm and 60mm copper medals are the same thing. Also for the 59mm and 60mm brass medals are the same items. I believe this is not a variance in the medals but a variance in the way NGC graded and labeled the medals. This is just my opinion. Thanks, MdArndt
  7. In the China Fighting Against Covid-19 Medal set there are only six variations. 28mm Silver (28 grams) 28mm Brass 28mm Copper 60mm Silver 60mm Brass 60mm Copper As of right now there are other coins listed in the set that do not belong. Also as of now I am unable to add my 60mm medals to the set. See attached photo. Thanks, MdArndt
  8. I would like to see "Fighting Against Covid-19 II, One World One Fight" Chinese Medals have a set catogory. I have the following: 4907111-049 5801980-024 5801987-041 2105252-044 Others in the set would include: 6043917-014 4905555-037 Thank you for your consideration.