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  1. I understand that this is a "damaged die" obverse coin, so I guess it's not too surprising that the obverse isn't as pretty as the reverse. But the obverse looks to me to be significantly worn (like, XF45 quality), not just poorly struck. Could you perhaps explain that to me? Thanks. Mark
  2. We would walk from law school on Washington Square South to the ball fields on the East River for intramural softball Friday afternoons (balls hit over the fence in center field, into the East River, were outs). We always stopped at Katz's on the way back to Washington Square. It's a long-time legend.
  3. I went through a few dozen rolls of quarters a year ago, trying to fill out my states and parks quarters albums (I did!). Here in Seattle, coins minted in Philadelphia are relatively rare, so I asked my sister in Maryland to send me a bunch of rolls (almost of of which were P-minted). In all those quarters, I did not find one W. But I did find all the parks and states, so it was a win.
  4. I'm old enough to remember this, and I grew up in the DC area. I love the "GSA Hoard" Morgan dollars! https://coinweek.com/education/numismatic-history-the-gsa-cc-morgan-silver-dollar-coin-hoard/
  5. It's always amusing when someone goes to the trouble to post his disdain for a product that is getting so many others excited. I'm hoping [sic] up and down over your superiority!
  6. My CC, O, D and S are "processing." My two Philadelphia coins (Morgan and Peace) still are "backordered."
  7. To the OP, I'd guess AU 55. I have an 1893 Morgan dollar graded XF40 (PCGS), and it is far more worn. I doubt very much that yours is a mint state coin. But it's a very nice coin, and I wouldn't worry about "overpaying," when the amount by which you may have overpaid is so little (especially in a market as fluid as Morgan dollars and Peace dollars are right now). I long ago decided that I am far more concerned with getting the coin I want, truly in the condition I want, than about a very few dollars one way or another.
  8. A Jefferson quarter would, indeed, be quite a find....
  9. Wow! These kind of put my "I went to the bank a whole bunch of times, buying rolls of quarters, in order to get a complete set" to shame!
  10. I'll happily undercut that! How about an even $2000 for what I paid $510 (plus a lot of aggravation)?
  11. Very nice! Mint state wartime silver nickels are surprisingly affordable, if you're not going for top pop examples. And they do look nice! Jefferson nickels, IMO, are an excellent set to get the entire set in mint state, for a very little bit of money, and the old ones tone very nicely.
  12. Yeah, I've done the same thing. Mostly I get what I expected to get, but sometimes....
  13. Just a little print! Where do you get 90 year old raw coins that clean?