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  1. @Gbrad thank you for that info. Ive never really dealt with steel cents much till recently.there just not appealing to me but here of late ive found several BU in OBR ive purchased off ebay. Id read some where ( dont recall where now) about a experimental silver composition cent in 43 and 44 so i been weighting them all to keep from scratching them with magnet. The silver is said to weigh in at 4.2 grams if i recall correctly. Then again i maybe mis informed completely as not ever thing online is true that you read. Heck just look at my FB it says im a french model..lol..JK...anybow thanks again for the knowledge
  2. Never knew that. Just always assumed they polished the die or the coin depending on finish wanted never dreamed sandblasting was use. That's very interesting and good info to know.thanks
  3. Sandblasted? I didnt even know there was sandblasting involved at all. Now im really learning somthing.
  4. .67 mm think 16.71 diameter Weight .68g I still believe this to be Polish but unsure as its not was great shape as the other one posted mins ago .
  5. This coin is 2.9g heavy, very thin at .64mm , diameter. Of 18.24mm thanks any more i fo need please ask and ill get it to you. I think this one and the one im posting after this one are both polish solidus but they look some what different on at i call the obverse ( opposite the S) compared to photos ive found.
  6. Well thanks guys seems like yall confirmed my opinion about it. Also thank for pointer on what to look for i learned quite abit from this. @Gbrad quick question what should a '43 steel weigh? Thought it was 2.5 but ive got one at 2.78 and one at 2.81 even had '37 at 3.5.4 had recalibrate my scale and checked them all again same results
  7. https://m.timesofindia.com/business/faqs/gold-faqs/916-and-hallmarked-gold-in-india/articleshow/64633001.cms
  8. Yes sir i finally after week and a half of trying to post topics of coin issues im having was able to today i think by shear luck of trying desktop mode from my mobile. Pain in the rear but was able to finally post.
  9. Hello ALL Been unable to get on here and post for some unknown reason until today i loaded the page it desktop mode and bam can post so ive got 3 or 4 coins i got questions about. Anyhow back to this 1910 P wheat cent. How do i know if this coin is truly a proof or not? Bought it in a lot of 2x2 carded cents and this one had proof wrote on the 2x2 by the date. In my opinion it is not a proof but idk as ive only ever owned RD modern proofs never seen a BN proof but teach me somthing guys...
  10. Ive been in the hobby for awhile just untill recent ive always just dealt with copper only the past year have i gotten interested in silver coinage
  11. Thank you and if im reading this rite then my coin is natrually toned please see attached
  12. And to think all i was really wanting to know if it would grade at least an ms63 so could get my money back out of it toning never crossed my mind as ive seen some wild. $#!÷ graded as far as toning goes
  13. @Mohawk @Woods020 @Coinbuf and the reverse
  14. @Mohawk @Woods020 @Coinbuf thank yall but now yall have me worried cause ive got more than i should tied up in this coin so hopefully this helps if not im gonna ha e to send it in just to be able to sell it. Cause if the next guy sends it in and it is questionable then i couldnt sleep at night but anyhow here you guys go new photos and again thank y'all!!! y'all input really means alot. Differnt backgrounds lighting changes slight angles variations if need more or somthing differnt please ask and again thanks