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Photo contest anyone?

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Believe, me, I've seen all the results. Regardless who is at the bottom, they should be proud. Everyone represented the coin well, and even though we had a low number, as compared to other contests, who entered, you will do well to be in the top ten.

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Let me know what I need to do to send my images in. I did send them but I'm not sure if they went through. Thanks


Since the voting is up, I assume he got yours. :)

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GREAT contest, and so much faster than the previous one I participated in (I think started ATS).


I think you were in mine last year James with the 1938 Lincoln Proof. It lasted from September to March-April. There were 28 people from 17-18 states. It did get held up by a few individuals, but did get the country covered from all corners.

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Here is my order of predicted finish (Please note this is just a pure guess and not a swipe at anybody)


1. Messydesk

2. blu62vette

3. Robec1347

4. airplanenut

5. Kryptonitecomics

6. physics-fan3.14

7. Coindude

8. James_EarlyUS

9. Hard Times

10. Broadstruck

11. Buffalo Head

12. dean1345

13. Ant

14. Keigwin

15. Bruce Lee aka me


You have me to high, I am not a toned proof guy....


I think you'll be in the top 5-6 along with #1, #4, #6, #11 and my dark horse pick #14 for the win.



Bringing this to the top so we can see how the predictions stacked up ;)

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I'm working nights right now and honestly don't have time to list everything the way I'd like. But there is a clear winner this time. And, as previously promised, I will state which I feel represent the coin best, both straight on and tilted, but as I've stated plenty before, this is just one mans opinion. Now I just have to figure out what I have that our esteemed champion will enjoy!

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