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  1. Dena posted this on the CGC forum. After updating the NGC and PMG boards we found there was an issue with the remember me function. Users had to log out and clear their cookies and cache to successfully get back into the boards.
  2. According to their site, NCS Standard and NGC Express. This is what it says for both NGC and NCS "If you are submitting multiple grading tiers in the same shipping box, indicate the highest/fastest grading tier." So, if express is your highest tier, I would recommend writing EX or WT (which ever is highest) on the box. I believe they are asking you to do this so your package will get opened sooner, if you are submitting a high grading tier, rather than the order in which it is received. I know on the comics side, CGC is months behind in opening packages. Some are hesitant to write this on their package because it's a potential invite for a dishonest postal worker to take a package. Something to consider.
  3. I know Dena is planning a large update on the CGC forum soon, which has even more severe issues than NGC has. Both forums use Invision. Maybe an update is planned for here as well.
  4. I have been having the same problem. It took me a while to see that I had to sign out on the home page before I could sign in. Something is not right. The CGC chat boards have been having serious 500 errors that have been going on for months. Dena has posted there that a fix is coming soon. Maybe one is coming here, too. @dena d
  5. The problem is, people haven't been using change due to the coronavirus. Many stores ect are requiring credit cards only, or in some cases, exact change. When I went to the self checkout today, there was a lady saying credit cards only. No cash. If change isn't circulating, it's not ending up in banks.
  6. If it is something that is going to bother you every time you look at the coin, I would return it.
  7. On the CGC side, there is a pinned thread titled "These scores need fixin requests thread". Maybe NGC could consider this for the registry here.
  8. It appears that the only thing that will change is, the majority of the profits will go to someone else. Otherwise, it's business as usual.
  9. NGC definition of a pedigree Pedigrees A pedigree is generally used to indicate a coin’s past or present ownership. In numismatics, as in the art world, a coin’s provenance can be an important factor in determining its authenticity, and a coin that was once part of a famous collection may be more desirable to some collectors. Submitters to NGC may request that a coin formerly owned by a famous collector be pedigreed to that collector on the NGC certification label. NGC must receive sufficient evidence to confirm the requested pedigree. Examples of this evidence may include: The submitted coin can be matched to a picture in a catalog of the collection prepared by a reputable auction house or dealer. The submitted coin is received in a sealed flip or holder prepared by a reputable auction house or dealer that indicates the name of the collection. NGC pedigrees will typically be the current or previous owner’s surname followed by the word “Collection.” In the case of a few very select collections, the word “Collection” is omitted on the NGC certification label. These include well-known and widely publicized collections such as Garrett, Eliasberg, Pittman, and Norweb. A submitter to NGC may request that NGC pedigree a coin to his or her own collection on the NGC certification label. In virtually all cases, the pedigree must be the submitter’s surname followed by the word “Collection.” Note: If the submitter’s surname is the same as a famous person’s surname, NGC may reject the pedigree or require that the submitter’s given name and surname be used. Companies may request to add their name to an NGC certification label. NGC will generally not pedigree a coin to a company unless that request comes directly from that company. NGC will sometimes add a pedigree to indicate that a coin was part of a hoard or came from a specific mint-issued set. NGC may also use a pedigree to mark an event (such as a trade show) or to provide additional identifying information about the coin.
  10. Some comics during that era were made with 1 staple instead of two.
  11. Congratulations Roger. I will look forward to checking it out.
  12. It's sad to see DC is still allowed to make counterfeit coins. Sure he discloses but, what about the buyers who sell them at a later date? How many newcomers to the hobby will get taken from these counterfeit coins? A crime is being allowed to happen in this hobby.