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  1. Thank you all for a lively discussion! I decided to circle back to my original question. BTW I would like to thank NGC for hosting the Registry, I think it is great! But being new to it, I have some questions, not intended to be criticism in any way. I guess I'll address them to @Ali E.. Happy Friday, no need to reply quickly... I was browsing some competitive date sets and the point system seems very mysterious to me. I would have thought that the point scores for each coin would be derived from the grade of the coin (higher grade = more points) and from the relative scarcity of the coin which can be determined from how many of these coins NGC graded. I expect there's also factor of value but that usually is a function grade and rarity unless it is a very popular coin. Here's an example of two coins from consecutive years that I saw in this date set - Look at the 1907 2K on line 36. It's a very nice NGC graded MS-63BN. It's assigned Point value is 1,075. On the line above (35) the 1906 2K in MGC MS-64BN is assigned the Point Value of just 406?! Let's look at the NGC stats for each coin. 1907 2K MS-63: In MS 63 BN: 4 In Higher Grades: 4 Total graded by NGC: 15 in BN + 11 in RB = 26 Points: 1,075 1906 2K MS-64: In MS 64 BN: 5 In Higher Grades: 1 Total graded by NGC: 10 in BN + 8 in RB = 18 Point: 406 So it looks like a coin that is in a higher grade and is 30% scarcer got only 37% as many points...? Neither coin is remarkable in any way apart from the high grades that they hold.
  2. Thank you for trying to explain this to me. I am new to the Registry, and have just started using it for the purpose of keeping track of my collection. I can't say I understand the logic here. To me it would make sense if coins of the same type received comparable number of points. But thank you for your responses.
  3. And this person got 1174 points for the same exact coin -
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, but the coin is not listed in the set as Non Competitive Display Only - I can see another person has that tag on a coin in their set and it's 0 points -
  5. I added a coin to a set - 2860419-002, and it received 1 single point. It's a pretty valuable coin in XF-45. Per NGC 5 are graded and this one is in the middle of the pack. Why 1 point?
  6. Hello Ali, Would it be possible to add a Russia Nicholas 1st 3K (kopeck) 1839-1855 type set? 5904805-012 2799880-014 Thanks, Alex
  7. Thanks, looks like it's back now
  8. I can't see my submission status any longer. I could see it in 'Scheduled for Grading' status last week or so, and now it's telling me - " We haven't received any submissions from you in the last 3 months ". NGC sent me receipt confirmation on 11.18.19. Is it broken?
  9. I have come into possession of a coin which the previous owner broke out of the NGC slab, probably because it had an AU Details (Cleaned) grade. I would prefer this coin to go back to being in a slab. Do I just submit it again as a new coin, or do I give a reference to the previous NGC ID and Grade? Also, I was told that NGC has a service that can improve the coin and remove the Details designation in some cases. Is this the case, and if so would that be possible to do for a "Cleaned" coin?