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  1. Salvos


    Ty....seems long for june 1. Said or some said day 46 it is at. I would do my math but it does not work. It is 15.5 days a month with thier math. I guess Oct 1 I should get it.
  2. Salvos


    Ty, they told me it was from the time box was scanned as delivered on june 1. So, it must be when box was opened june 22? Is that correct? So, I sent one early bird, which they have not opened yet. It will be 30 plus days after that for us coins? So, how is everyone else getting coins graded so fast? They are all doing express?
  3. Salvos


    I sent coins in may. Signed/received june 1st. I have made 3 calls. One after time passed. One 3 weeks ago and One last week. Every time they tell me One more week and in que. Yesterday I saw it say grading.....I was wow...finally. Today it showed as back to be waiting again?? I have Sent others in to. Some are as waiting to be graded. Those are Sent in modern. Going on 90 days. So, I sent last batch in as early bird. I do not think it will even be opened in the time period. Still a few more days to go. Do, they just kick the little guys a side? I see other gold coins on ebay. Did they express them in? Mine got there in 3 days? I can not beleave apmex, liberty, and etc expressed serviced all?!
  4. Can you put a fathersday label on any coin?  You are asking why would you?!  Lol, idk but may try on a gold coin.


    1. VKurtB


      I don’t know. 

  5. I was hoping you would let the little people in. I can get the coins to you in a week! Lol.... I understand they pay you for this label, by all the coins they send in. I will go with just a plan label. All know it was sold out. Ty
  6. Everyone knows the 2021 silver morgans sold out in minutes. That should make them all fdoi. Will all be able to get fdoi or no? Early release and first strike means little to me here. Rather leave it blank if fdoi is only available to retailers. I am glad to see everyone can get the label. So, is fdoi for all?