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We already have a thread asking you about what features you would like to see added, but here we are asking what do you enjoy most about the NGC Registry and the NGC collecting community? Thanks for your feedback!  hm


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I wanted to post a thread that compared the PCGS registry to the NGC registry, because each has aspects that I prefer over the other. Ultimately I put a hold on that idea because it may not have been welcome but some, but maybe now... since there is a "pinned" thread on a similar topic.

Having a registry is great, even if not competing.  There is no comparable way to see all of your coins so quickly and easily.  Don't get me wrong, I like to examine my actual coins, but it is not always easy getting them out of safes, safety deposit boxes, etc.  Now I carry them all on my phone!  

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I love the NGC Registry because like @BlakeEik mentions, it is an excellent (and easy) way of viewing your coins. In addition to viewing, I like that you can also document anything about each coin—like the specifications and mintage data, or information on who/what the coin is commemorating or what it was minted for. As with may others, I try to include as much information as I can for each of my coins so I don’t have to search multiple websites for information.

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One of the very best things about the NGC registry is the level of inclusiveness it provides by including PCGS graded coins in the US sets.   This is a very good thing as the exclusive nature of the competing registry turns me off to using it for competitive sets.   I think there are a few ways that this option could be improved upon going forward but this is a very nice feature that I am glad has returned and will not be changed again as it was for a brief time in the past.

I also very much enjoy perusing the sets and view the photos and comments (for the few sets that have them) from the owners, numbers filling the holes is fine but the photos and descriptions really tell the tale.  I really enjoy the sets where the owners have taken extra time to describe the nature of the set, the motivation and desire behind why the set was assembled, and real descriptions of each coin so you can feel the passion that the collector had when that coin was acquired.

And lastly I do enjoy the competition at some level, it keeps me motivated to continue to add quality coins and improve my sets.  Not just the numbers on the slabs but also the photos and descriptions including adding collage shots for the set photos where the rank banner is shown.

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On 7/17/2021 at 10:22 AM, BlakeEik said:

I, too, think it's great to allow coins from other services be allowed in constructing your virtual sets. Personally, I think any holder or raw coin should be allowed, but only NGC coins should be worth points for competition.  I know that this goes against precedent and would anger many with lots of PCGS U.S. coins (I too have many) but for me, the ability to build virtual sets is more important than the competitive aspect. And although I respect the graders of both PCGS and NGC, there are certainly differences and having them compete against each other is not always "oranges to oranges."

...And to accentuate my point about the competition... It really makes me wonder when I see people with ONLY PCGS graded coins in the NGC registry (shrug)

Don't they know there is a registry for only PCGS graded coins? :preach:

Even though it would mean that I would lose my 1st place rank for at least one set I also agree (and have said this on several occasions) that the registry awards should be calculated using only NGC coins.   As to the last part, well its quite possible that some of those PCGS only sets are here because they cannot compete with the whales like Hanson that dominate the PCGS registry.  Is it really worth putting a set up when one guy has the top 5 sets in so many of the available categories, it seems to me that his dominance of the registry ats could possibly kill off the interest for many. 

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The people, long time members, first timers, the NGC staff, etc. who participate on the Forum. A largely hands off approach in monitoring/moderating the boards, the ease of requesting new sets, slots, corrections and the prompt responses. The Water Cooler, woop woop! The overall structure and organization of the registries. :golfclap:

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A two-part question. Hot diggity! 

Let's see now, the Set Registry.  Okay, for me it's its sleek, clean, modern look and ease of access. It would take more than a lifetime of perusing each and every one of its delectable offerings. You can tell a great deal about a person by what he collects, and the NGC SET REGISTRY tells no lies and holds nothing back.^^

As to the NGC collecting community, no finer or more diverse (and occasionally, divisive 😉) group of people have ever been assembled anywhere at one time and in one place, as here. One thing I have come to recognize, acknowledge, and accept is the likelihood that there may very well be 150 years of numismatic experience at play amongst members, and those not similarly endowed ought to tread lightly, be appropriately tentative in their responses and deferential in their posture, as circumstances dictate. One big and, at times, captivating learning experience where one never knows whom he will stumble into nor what treasures they may bear 🐻. As I very often have been "heard" to exclaim, I [truly] love this place!  🐓

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I like the competition along with the sharing of ideas and collecting goals. A good group of collectors to boot. Best of all - they can take a joke or criticism. An honest opinion can go a long way at times. 

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NGC's Registry is more aesthetically pleasing by far, thank you for that.

   --  the eye appeal is greater than other registries that might look like barely more than basic excel spreadsheet rows

   --  when looking at one's own list of Competitive Sets we see 'Set Name' in bigger, colored font with the 'Composite Name' in smaller, black lettering underneath; this was an excellent decision, along with the rank number beside it in italics and bigger point-size

   --  when looking at a set itself, it's great that a large 'profile photo' of a coin can be placed at the top of the page, along with the title of your set in bigger letters again, your name underneath, when it was last updated and number of views also easily viewed under collector's name and set title, then a few lines of the collector's comments with option to '...Read more...'

   --  it's great to see two larger photos of the coin first (i.e. 'Images' is the first column), then the slot description, grade, points, etc

We only joined ANA & NGC less than three years ago and slowly reading through and learning more about the wealth of wisdom available within the community chat boards, forums, journals, etc, not to mention all the resources NGC makes available under each tab at the top of its web pages!  Much appreciation to all of you teachers and your sharing.

<3  :golfclap:

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I love the general look of the format here. :cloud9: 

1.Username in large, bold letters,

2.Tells when we joined.

3.Large wallpaper picture AND large profile image (both of which can be different).  

4.Trophies displayed with number, years won, link to set and expert's notes on winning sets.

5. Option to enter CAC coins (or not) with bonus points given if we choose to do so.

6. STAR NGC coins can be used for added points.      

7.Link to download awards certificates.  

8. Rank, page and set name all on cover page.  

9. Beautiful area to display long comments and large images.

10. The fact that both NGC AND PCGS coins are allowed.  When you are building a CHALLENGING set, such as Walkers, SLQs or Seated Liberty Dollars, it is VERY difficult to be exclusive and crack-outs and crossovers are an expensive headache that isn't always successful. :insane:   

This is BY FAR the better of the two Registries.  I have sets ATS but haven't added to them, in AGES.  I spent A LOT of time working on my set here, because with all of the features, it is VERY worthwhile for display, record keeping and educational purposes.    

Minor Detail: The only way I would improve it is to show all coins on one page (like in the old format).  I don't like to be scrolling through and enjoying a set and then having to stop and click and load on a second page, at the bottom.  It's like that ATS, too, and I don't like it.  It interrupts the display and makes it look incomplete,  Having it all on one page would make it more fluid and uniform, IMHO. 

All IN All--GREAT JOB, NGC!!!! ^^  .  

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I agree, wholeheartedly.  World gold is exempt from inclusion in the NGC Set Registry, but what's done is done.  My #1 standing on the west coast stands a chance of being dethroned over less than a single point.  I hope to remedy that at NYINC shortly (though I have always thought his set is more professionally presented.)  Cross-grading entails risk as well as cost.  However, if I were to win any of the lesser PB prizes, I'd switch everything here in a heartbeat for all the reasons you've cited.  Great post -- and your set is super!  🐓 

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On 7/17/2021 at 4:03 PM, Coinbuf said:

.... because they cannot compete with the whales like Hanson that dominate the PCGS registry....

Q.A.  Hey Rickey!  Ever hear of this guy Hanson?

🐓:  Hansen?  D. L. Hansen?  Sure, me and Dell go way back!  Why just the other day, --

Q.A.  C'mon, knock it off.  I'm being serious!

🐓:  Last I heard, he's big and wants to be the G.O.A.T.

Q.A. Is he a credible threat?

🐓:  No.

Q.A.  Another distinguished member says he's got the top five sets --

🐓: -- strictly U.S., like Eliasberg and Partrick.

Q.A.  Just checking... I got enough pressure maintaining what I have.

🐓:  If it's pressure you're worried about, you should've never become a slave to that other label. I like it here!

Q.A. So do I. (And the Moderators exercise moderation. NGC Set Registry, I love you!  ❤️  

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As I'm pretty new to NGC and the registry, I agree with a lot of the commenters above. I really like being able to see all of my coins grouped in one place and the ability to add comments on the coins. I also enjoy looking at other collector's sets as it does provide motivation to improve my own sets.

I do think it would be cool however to see my custom sets from the My Registry Home Page so everything would be in one spot. Otherwise I love the regisrty overall and it's really getting me back in the saddle of my collecting.

Also this is a great community overall!


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  I love being able to have my sets viewable online any time from anywhere, while also being able to share with other people, but still remaining anonymous. It allows you to share your collection in a way that would never be possible otherwise.  I enjoy looking at other peoples sets as well.

  Bringing back the PCGS slabs was a good move and I believe they deserve to count for points as well.   As someone else stated, nice examples of some 18th and 19th century stuff are so rare, maybe the only one you can find that you like that's actually for sale is in a PCGS slab.  So be it.     Yes, you're selling a product but for the collectors the main focus is still the coin in the slab.

    The overall look of the registry and ease of use is very well done.    I wouldn't bother using one anywhere else.   The upgraded site blows away the old one.  

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