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On 12/3/2022 at 6:44 PM, TeacherBrian said:

Have fun collecting them, I also want to save up for one of the full sovereigns from either 1817 or 1819!  :takeit:



1817? No problem at all. 1819? Um... well... hope you are Buddhist, because I think you'll be saving for a couple of lifetimes. :angel:


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On 12/12/2022 at 3:05 PM, Kinsmen said:


Not sure if this is still relevant to the "Feature" discussion. I was thinking the ability to invert the reverse of the photographed coin. To me I find the inability to flip the image disappointing.

Its a common adobe type function what's the chances of incorporating it?



Hello. You may save the reverse image from your NGC Registry set to your own computer. Then use your own photo editing software to flip the image and then save it. Then upload the new image to your NGC Registry set. Thanks.

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Many good points here.  I'll name 2 good/great points and 2 deficiencies:

GOOD:  Able to use the NGC App to inventory my coins. Better than looking at a mini-Excel spreadsheet.  I'm NOT a registry person at all and would remind NGC that many new people might find the app SUPER-USEFUL as I have so don't shortchange it for the more serious register folks (although I agree they are the priority).

GREAT:  The bar scanner works great, only negative is that you can't use it to add coins to the Competitive Coins inventory list as I explained in another thread (at least on my Galaxy S9).

BAD:  No prices for lots of modern coins, mostly bullion coins like silver.  Should be easy to grab recent sales from Ebay for these moderns....or just use the price of silver bullion....better, start with the price of bullion and build a model that gives a "fair value" for the grade (<68, 68, 69, or 70).  ANYTHING is better than NOTHING -- and having a total (like the folks ATSxD) would be nice.

WORSE:  As I indicated, can't add coins via the scanner, I had to manually enter all my coins with numbers.  Not a problem for a few dozen...but anybody with hundreds (or thousands !) is going to want to scan as it is so much faster.

Overall, a good app...I NEVER thought to use it for inventory purposes and I've been on these forums for over a decade.  I just did it in the last week or so.   I'd spread the word that it's not just for competitive registry builders and see if you can fix the 2 issues I cited to make it even better for beginner or intermediate collectors. (thumbsu

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