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  1. This has been sorted out. The 11th coin slot has been removed from this 10 coin set.
  2. The Royal mint makes a 10 coin Proof set and a 10 coin MS set (which are the Piedfort coins). Someone mislabeled a proof coin as a Piedfort coin and added an 11th coin to a 10 proof coin set. Since no one else is likely to get a mislabeled coin into the set I'm not sure we will complete the 11 coin set since the mint only minted a 10 coin Proof set. Please let me know where to send this request to get this thing sorted out. Piefort/Piedfort coin is twice as thick and twice as heavy which clearly is the 2 oz silver and 6mm thick MS Queen's Beast coin. Where as the proof coins are 1 oz silver and 3mm thick.
  3. Here is the same coin but in a different set shown in the section listing eligible coins.
  4. To add to the post above. A wrong score for example would be my "1957 Lincoln Wheat Penny Proof 69 RD ... 15,260 pts" in the "Small Cent Type Set". The other cents in PF69 are also similarly scored for different year cents. The score is maybe ten times what is should be for this particular coin. Maybe a few of these cent coins in other years are more rare and deserve such a high score. NGC Price Guide Value $375.00, Total Graded by NGC in PF69 RD in MS69 is 685, and in higher grades 10.
  5. Set name: Nickel Five Cents Type Set Slot: 2006 - present, 2017-S JEFFERSON NICKEL 5c Enhanced Finish (see certificate 4596413-010 ) and 2017-D Jefferson 5c
  6. I got a higher grade on my coin than expected. At the grade I received I would have ordered the Photo Vision service. However, I already received my coins back from NGC. I was wondering high grade photos are kept on file for ordering Photo Vision afterwards. If the answer is yes how long do we have to order before photos are deleted. I guess the question is do I send coins back or can I just order the higher imaging service. The coins were just graded last month in October.
  7. I must be doing something wrong then. No coins have been added to my Registry. I have 10 coins waiting to be added. I was assuming they would just show up in the coin Registry after 72 hrs. I tried adding them again yesterday and still says coins are registered to someone else. It's now approaching a full 7 days on the first few coins.
  8. Day 5 later ... I guessing I have to email the above address to get this resolved
  9. I thought maybe there was a security reason for not doing so. Counterfeiter might duplicate your number. Someone might use it on eBay to scam someone. If it's not an issue I'll continue to post up my photos.
  10. I'm new to NGC (1 month) and new to coin collecting (7 months). Is there a problem with posting up the pictures of the coin with the certificate number up on the regisrty? I see the top registries sometimes don't post pictures at all even though they are the Top in the Category.
  11. LOL! I just needed a couple of more hours of patience. Thanks!
  12. I purchased a few coins which have not been added to my set because the previous owner did not remove them from his registry. How can I get the released faster? Can I send a photo to the sales to get them released faster?